Get Well Soon, George!

Accurate details are scarce, but what we know for sure (I think) is this:

  • Paramedics were called to George Michael’s home in Highgate, London at 8am on Thursday 22 May
  • Paramedics attended the scene
  • A decision was taken to admit George to hospital at that time

Everything else in the media reports is likely to be speculation, and/or will not provide an accurate picture of what happened.  I don’t think people should expect a running commentary on this from George’s people – his health is a private matter.

So, all we can do is send George our best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. Gell well soon, G!


George is fine. It seems he was out of hospital, and back at work in Air Studios in time for the weekend.


6 thoughts on “Get Well Soon, George!

  1. Hi sweet George , i am praying for you dear !! Get well soon !XXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. I was wondering whether this blog was serious or not, whether you genuinely really like George Michael to write so many crazy-biased posts on him, and then I found a quote that interested me. “RadioHead’s output is more than a little pedestrian, both musically and lyrically.” Just savour that irony, there.

  3. How are you , my sweet George ? I am waiting to see your lovely face🙂 …i miss you so very much and i keep on dreaming about you , but in my dreams i cannot reach you😦 …i long to see you !!

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