Symphonica Release Day Is A Success

Guinness for strengthGeorge Michael’s new album Symphonica was released today, St Patrick’s Day. People in the UK took time out from buying Guinness in preparation for tonight’s celebrations, to go-online and purchase the Deluxe version of the album, as it rapidly hit #1 on the main album charts on both Amazon and iTunes.

Overall, Symphonica was an instant hit on iTunes around the world, hitting #1 in more than ten countries within a few hours of release, and instantly going top 20 in around fifty countries in Europe, South America, The Middle East, and East Asia.

Also, today we got official confirmation from the BBC that it would be airing a TV special on Symphonica in April, as well as an exclusive radio interview in the coming days.  The press release quoted George Michael as saying,

“I’m delighted the BBC is broadcasting the Symphonica concert, which was recorded at the Opera Garnier in Paris, a stunning setting in which to perform a gig dedicated to a charity that’s so close to my heart. It was a magical night, so I’m thrilled that fans will get the chance to experience it, as well as hearing the behind-the-scenes story on Radio 2.”

The BBC’s Head of Commissioning for Music and Events TV said,

“George Michael is one of the UK’s most iconic figures in entertainment, which makes it an exciting opportunity for our audiences to hear from him in a rare interview, as well as watch his favourite songs being reworked with a live orchestra via two of the BBC’s most popular channels – BBC One and BBC Radio 2.”

While the exact date that the TV special was airing was not given, a while back, David Austin, the Executive Producer of Symphonica tweeted a clue that it would air on BBC One on April 1:

Overall, it couldn’t have been a better start for the album. Congratulations to George, and everyone on the Symphonica team – you deserve the success. Hope the Irish among you have time for a pint of the Black Stuff this evening…

10 thoughts on “Symphonica Release Day Is A Success

  1. I love the album a lot , my favourite songs in this album are Through which just gives me goosebumps , Going to a town , let her down easy and Feeling Good !! I was sad that George didn’t include Russian Roulette and David Bowie ‘ s version of Wilde is the Wind ! I am again and again in love with George’s voice , and I would also love to hear some brand new material …only because I am in love with his voice and i feel a bit greedy lol

  2. When George releases sometimes I already know I will be captured by his spell 😍😍😍

  3. Remarkable, the only remarkable thing about you is how much you and your cronies try so incredibly hard to ingratiate yourself with GM and say everything is fine, he’s well, never better etc… It’s laughable. How Korny…You can pretty much bet that you and your fellow lovelies are a laughing stock in GM’s circle. And didn’t he close down the official forum because one of the clan very, very close to you insulted members of his family? Tsk..Tsk…Tsk!🙂

  4. @Simon

    LOL! Really? Is that the best you can do? Oh dear. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that someone from the “George Michael Forums” would draw completely the wrong conclusions from their observations… but really, have you read many posts on this blog? Have you read many of my tweets? Honestly, you have to be spectacularly stupid to think I’m trying to ingratiate myself with anyone.

    Now, shouldn’t you be getting back to your conspiracy theories?

  5. The album is a huge success? No surprise. After all it is George Michael after all. Anytime he shares his incredible voice with us is a treat. The people who have been around him from the beginning still are close to him which speaks volumes about who he really is. Love the album and the talent that is GM. Still a fan after all these years.

  6. I LOVE the production on the Symphonica album. I think it really compliments his voice and puts an interesting change up in the songs. Can’t wait for the new studio album later this year!

  7. I’ve just read @Simon comment.. That is too funny!! Simon, assuming you have not deleted your profile, other than @remarkable posts, you should read some of the comments from fans as well.
    “You can pretty much bet that you and your fellow lovelies are a laughing stock in GM’s circle”, what odds are you giving on your assumption?

  8. Did anyone notice , Mariah Carey is covering One More Try on her next album ?

  9. Did anyone notice that Mariah Carey is singing a cover of One More Try on her new album ?
    Should be interesting , don’t you think ?

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