World Eyebrow Awards 2014 – The Results

We’re not ashamed to say that, here at Buzzin’ Towers, we have some pretty strong opinions about eyebrows  – how they should look, and just as importantly, how they shouldn’t! So I genuinely could not have been more delighted when we were asked to host this year’s prestigious annual World Eyebrow Awards. The rules are simple: our job is to select the most stunning eyebrows we’ve ever seen in a photograph. Any photo, taken at any time in history, is eligible.  Consider this to be our ranking of the world’s most beautiful eyebrows of all time, but seen through a lens of 2014 aesthetics.

In the interests of transparency I should say that, as Head Judge (think of me as Simon Cowell, Tom Colicchio or perhaps even Michel Roux Jr),  I was ultimately responsible for all the decisions and eyebrow classifications regarding the winners. In case you’re wondering what an “eyebrow classification system” is, it’s a standardised way of describing eyebrows according to their shape and thickness. This year, as well as choosing what we consider to be the most beautiful eyebrows in the world, the organisers asked us to categorise the winning eyebrows according to a classification system. This is shown below, so you can classify the winning eyebrows yourself if you disagree with us.

Official Eyebrow Classification System

Official Eyebrow Classification System

With that preamble out-of-the-way, and without further ado, here for your pleasure are world’s most beautiful eyebrows. You will note that all the winners this year are women. That’s because I don’t really have any opinions on men’s eyebrows (except my own). Sorry guys.

No. 1 – Penelope Cruz

This year’s winner of of world’s most beautiful eyebrows is Spanish actress, Penelope Cruz. As one of the most famous movie stars on the planet, Penelope obviously needs no introduction. In this photograph, the judge’s assessment was that Penelope’s eyebrows fall into the “Seductive Thick” category.

Actress Penelope Cruz

Actress and model, Penelope Cruz

No. 2 – Hannah Janes

The award for the world’s second most beautiful eyebrows goes to model, Hannah Janes of Next Models, London. You will mostly likely know Hannah from her starring role in George Michael’s video for his song Let Her Down Easy. The judges assessed Hannah’s eyebrows as, “Sexy Thick”.

Model Hannah Janes

Model Hannah Janes

No. 3 – Dianna Agron

In third place is actress Dianna Agron. You probably know Dianna for her role as Quinn Fabray on the TV show, Glee. In this photograph, we put Dianna’s eyebrows somewhere in the “Dramatic Thin / Dramatic Natural” category.

Actress Dianna Agron

Actress Dianna Agron

No. 4 – Lyndsy Fonseca

In fourth position, we have actress Lyndsy Fonseca. In recent years, Lyndsy is possibly most famous for playing the role of  Alexandra “Alex” Udinov on the TV show, Nikita. In this photograph,, we judged Lyndsy’s eyebrows to be in the “Sexy Natural” category.

Actress Lyndsy Fonseca

Actress Lyndsy Fonseca

No. 5 – Natalie Portman

And the final position in the world’s top five goes to Hollywood actress Natalie Portman.  The judges assessed Natalie’s eyebrows as, “Dramatic Natural”.

Actress Natalie Portman

Actress Natalie Portman

2014 Trends

As you’ll see from the winner and runner-up in this years awards, thick eyebrows are definitely “in” for 2014, with seductive, sexy and dramatic being the hottest looks overall.

What does that mean for you? Well it means, if your eyebrows look anything like the photo below at the moment, we’d recommend considering updating your look for 2014. Perhaps search out an eyebrow makeup tutorial or two on YouTube…

Eyebrow Fail

This style of eyebrow is not on trend for 2014.

Congratulations to all the winners this year! What about you – what kind of eyebrows do you have? Let us know, using the classification system above. We’d also love you to share your favourite eyebrow makeup YouTube tutorials. The awful truth is, there many, many people out there with pretty “bad brows”, so the more help people can get, the better place the world will be!

6 thoughts on “World Eyebrow Awards 2014 – The Results

  1. Really? Those were the best examples of good brows you could find? Pff. Those broad eyebrows make them look like dudes who groom too much. “Sexy Thick” should be the description of a cock, not a woman’s eyebrows.

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