Wild Is The Wind & Praying For Time Released Today + Album News

A new track from George Michael has just been released. It’s Wild Is The Wind, recorded live at Air Studios in London in 2011. The song is taken from the forthcoming Symphonica album. It’s the slow version of the song, and doesn’t include the switch to the funky up-tempo version that George performed on tour. The fabulous new version of Praying For Time that George performed on tour is also released today as a free download from George’s web-site.

The full 18-track listing for the forthcoming Symphonica album is below (note that in some formats there will be fewer than 18 tracks). The music was produced by George Michael and Phil Ramone, and the album executive produced by David Austin. As you’ll see this is, in fact, mostly a studio album, rather than a live album:

1. Through – 2011 Air Studios

2. My Baby Just Cares For Me – 2011 Air Studios

3. A Different Corner – 2011 Air Studios

4. Praying For Time – 2011 Air Studios

5. Let Her Down Easy – 2011 Royal Albert Hall

6. The First Time Ever I Saw Her Face

7. Feeling Good – 2011 Air Studios

8. John And Elvis Are Dead – 2011 Air Studios

9. Roxanne – 2011 Air Studios

10. One More Try – 2011 Air Studios

11. Going To A Town – 2011 Air Studios

12. Cowboys and Angels – 2011 Air Studios

13. Idol – 2011 Royal Albert Hall

14. Brother Can You Spare A Dime – 2011 Air Studios

15. You Have Been Loved – 2011 Air Studios

16. Wild Is The Wind – 2011 Air Studios

17. You’ve Changed – 2011 Air Studios

18. I Remember You – 2011 Air Studios

The Symphonica album will be released on 17 March 2014. The lead single from the album will be – Let Her Down Easy recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall in London.


The video for the single is being directed by Vaughan Arnell, who has previously directed George’s videos for Outside, Fastlove and Spinning The Wheel. The Symphonica album is available for pre-order from today. The album will be promoted via a documentary about Symphonica, featuring live concert footage recorded the Paris Opera House in September 2012.

If you’re in the UK and pre-order the album via George’s on-line store, you’ll be automatically entered into a competition draw to get a ticked to an exclusive screening of the Symphonica documentary. Or, if you prefer, you can enter for free.

To enter for free, just e-mail your full name, age and address to contests@GeorgeMichael.com.

The closing date is 10 March 2014. There will be 50 winners (the prize is tickets for you and one guest), who should be free to attend the screening in London during the week of 17 March.

11 thoughts on “Wild Is The Wind & Praying For Time Released Today + Album News

  1. “Live”? 2 live tracks (that were also probably fixed in the studio afterwards, knowing him) hardly makes it a live album. Technically I wouldn’t call tracks recorded in 2011 “new” either, but hey. Better than nothing, while we wait for what will – undoubtedly – be one of those albums of trance shit that will go down in history as “and he was cheeky enough to say that Madonna was too old for that stuff when she was 40…”

  2. Bland and boring. How many times can he peddle these songs?,still it’s money in the bank for very little effort.George Michael has lost his connection with the public.This album will bomb.

  3. @Yikes – It’s being billed as a studio album, not a live album.

    @boygeorge – “Money in the bank…” vs “This album will bomb”. Which is it? You really can’t have it both ways… but the fact that you’re trying to does suggest you’re a fucking idiot.

  4. I notice he has come back to twitter! To peddle the same old soap about his lovelies ,lol. More like to sell the cd, money for zero effort, he will make money on this,he still
    Has his lovelies,they will buy any old shit from him.But in the grand scheme of things ,it will bomb.He has nothing more to say, how you of all people can’t see this, beats me.The majority of people do not like him anymore, Fact.

  5. No, boygeorge, you’re still trying to have it both ways. If George is going to make any money from his album, it has to sell to more than a few lovelies. I think you need to put some numbers on your predictions for the album. Then we can all judge you based on some *real* facts. Saying things like, “In the grand scheme of things, it will bomb,” doesn’t mean anything. Neither do idiotic comments like “the majoriy of people do not like him anymore. Fact.”

    So come on, let’s have your predictions. Where do you think the Symphonica album will chart in the UK? No. 1? Top 10? Top 40? Won’t even make the Top 40? How many copies will the album sell worldwide? Five million? Over one million? Less than a million?

  6. Won’t be top 10 and you only need to sell about 150 copies to get in the “charts” now …..anyway ,
    But ….
    Nobody else a little bit annoyed that he only appears when he has something to promote? Poor way to treat his lovelies and the debacle with the radio the other day, the will he or won’t he allow them to play his new single, like anyone gives a shit now …he is an egotistical control freek(lol). His songwriting talent has gone and his confidence with it …the voice is no longer the power house it was, he is a dinosaur, his last good album was older 1996, how he has managed to wing it all these years , is amazing, I think it’s amazing.

  7. OK Boygeorge, we’ve got one firm prediction out of you. You think the Symphonica album won’t make the Top 10 in the UK. You stil need to give a prediction for how many copies it will sell eg. in the first year.

    You do talk nonsense, don’t you? Do you have mental health problems? I’m asking seriously. All this ranting ithat George is shit, and that he treats his lovelies badly, is really a bit odd. What has George ever done to you?

  8. Seriously? Is the best you can come up with ? How many years have I known you now ? 10..15? And you talk about mental issues …..lol keep taking the pills petal

  9. You know I have no zero idea who you are, right? You do sound like you have mental health problems. What’s with this getting “annoyed” by George tweeting? Why does it matter if he tweets or not? How does that affect your life in any way? You think he hasn’t made a good record since 1996, and yet you appear to follow what he does? You’re imagining things – like some “debacle” with the radio that never happened?

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