George Michael: Paris Opera House And A New Single

gm2Lots of things happening in the world of George Michael at the moment.

It seems likely that we’ll soon get a chance to see “George Michael: Paris Opera House”. This film of/about Symphonica was filmed in September 2012 in Paris at Le Palais Garnie. It’s the first time ever that a contemporary singer has performed a show at this historic opera house. It’s important too because Symphonica was one of the last projects that the legendary Phil Ramone worked on, prior to his death in March 2013. The concert footage was directed by long-time George Michael collaborator, Andy Morahan. This was the set list for the show:

Through / My Baby Just Cares For Me / Father Figure / Cowboys & Angels / Kissing A Fool / Going To A Town / Let Her Down Easy / You Have Been Loved / Wild Is The Wind / Brother Can You Spare a Dime


Waiting For That Day / Patience / John & Elvis / Roxanne / True Faith / A Different Corner / You’ve Changed / Russian Roulette / Praying For Time / Feeling Good


Amazing / I’m Your Man / Freedom 90 / White Light

I’m particularly looking forward to high audio quality versions of George’s amazing “Russian Roulette” cover, and of the fantastic new version of “Praying For Time” that George did on the Symphonica tour. It’s a shame there was no “Where I Hope You Are” in that show – it’s such a great song. Let’s hope the studio version will make it to George’s album of new music. I’d really have liked, “Love Is A Losing Game” and “Safe” too… but maybe that’s just me.

It’s also looking like there’s going to be a new George Michael single released soon (presumably from George’s forthcoming new studio album). George’s team has been casting for the video in the last few days, and the record itself has already been played to DJs at radio stations. Expect to hear it on the radio very, very soon (and maybe there’ll be a lyric video on YouTube too as a stop gap until the real video is ready).

5 thoughts on “George Michael: Paris Opera House And A New Single

  1. Definitely a shame that there was no Where I Hope You Are on the setlist that night, I really hope to find it elsewhere on any future releases. I understand the choice for the release of that particular show, considering the venue, but show wasn’t really the best….actually it was probably the least best of the entire tour…i.o.w. the worst🙂 They must have done something with the audio, because some of the vocals in the second part of the show were way off. It made most of us regular Symphonica Tour visitors raise an eyebrow or two🙂 Unsurprisingly it is to be believed that after this show it was decided Australia wasn’t going to happen. Can’t wait to see if and how they fixed the show!🙂

  2. Let’s see what happens. One thing’s for sure: George won’t be allowing anything with dodgy vocals to see the light of day😉 It may be that they’ve made it into a documentary about the show, and not a film showing the whole concert… so only selected songs will be shown. Or George may have had better vocals from other shows dubbed over the video, or even re-recorded new vocals in the studio. If there’s an accompanying Symphonica album, George would be free to use the best vocals from any show for each particular track – they recorded the audio from all the shows on the tour.

  3. I can’t wait to have something from the amazing George , my heart is beating fast for the day George will appear again like an Angel …

  4. Considering what he’s been through in 2013, I feel extremely grateful George is back!!!! He’s a brilliant artist!! His true fans are about to go crazy!!!!!! My heart is beating fast too, Pippy!! I just want to hear his new music and incredible voice.

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