When Some Fans Met George…

The nature of the web means that, sometimes, old stories are lost when web-sites are closed down.  So, I thought I’d republish a story of a fan meeting with George Michael from 1992. It tells the story of three fans called, Bibbi, Ricarda and Linda. Those of you who’ve been to see George in Highgate in recent years might find it interesting: this story dates back to when George lived in Hampstead. It takes place during the five days between April 14 and April 18, 1992, when George was both rehearsing for the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert and also recording the song Too Funky.

Herewith, their unedited story. Enjoy…

Location: Hampstead, Weeping Ash
Date: Tuesday, April 14th, 1992

We – which means Bibbi, Ricarda and Linda – went to Weeping Ash at 1 o’clock. It was terribly cold and raining. When we arrived George’s gate was open but unfortunateley his car wasn’t there. Some “landscape”- people were there to put up a new fence at the back of George’s garden ( – the new fence was in fact smaller than the old one :)…hehe.. )

We saw Leslie’s car standing outside, so we knew she was in cleaning the house. Later – after Ricarda left – Leslie and Hippy (George’s dog) came out of Goerge’s house. Hippy ran towards us and we got a chance to pat Hippy. We then spoke to Leslie who told us thar George wasn’t at home but was in London to rehearse for the Freddie Mercury Tribute on April 20, 1992.

The trip to Weeping Ash ended with Leslie leaving us smiling.

Location: Hampstead, Weeping Ash
Date: Wednesday, April 15th, 1992

At 10.30 a.m we arrived at Weeping Ash – the FAITHful trio was back! This time the Range Rover was there so we knew George was inside. After a while George’s driver Dennis arrived in his black BMW. The only thing Dennis did was to bring George his Wellington boots out of the the garage. Then Dennis left and so did we….

Location: Hampstead, Weeping Ash
Date: Thursday, April 16th, 1992

This time me and Linda went to Weeping Ash. We arrived at noon. 15 minutes later Dennis arrived and stopped his car right in front of the gate. Then – 15 minutes later – you could hear George shout for Dennis to get his mail. Of course he couldn’t get it himself – poor guy…. After 3/4 hour George and Hippy came out. George was in black as usual and wore his grey Rock-in-Rio’91-jacket, and a black Kings baseball-cap – no sun-glasses (they were later to come…). George looked at us and then sat down in the Range Rover, Dennis sat down behind the wheel. They drove really slow towards us. You could see how the window on George’s side of the car slowly went down..The car was still moving when George asked me: “Have you got anything you want me to sign?” – Of course we had! George asked for my name and signed my copy of Bare that I had brought with me. After being asked if he would mind whether he’d mind if we took a photo he just smiled and said: “It’s ok”. We took out photos, thanked him and left the place.

Location: once again Hampstead, Weeping Ash – but the location will change
Date: Saturday, April 18th, 1992

This day George wasn’t at home and nothing happened until 6.15 p.m. Dennis arrived in George’s BMW and fetched something from the house and then changed the car and took the Range Rover instead. We talked to Dennis who said that George wouldn’t return until late and that he still was in the studio where he just finished the 12″ version of the new single (according to Dennis this was a very good song) – we also got to know that the single would be released on May 18th. (The song George was recording was TooFunky). Dennis also told us that George was rehearsing for the Wembley concert.

Hoping that the studio was Sarm West we went there. When we just came around the corner we saw the black Range Rover and we knew we were about to meet Geroge again… After 20 min, the G-man came out. This time he was – unusually – in black, and NO sunglasses so we could see those sandy-brown eyes🙂. George approached us himself and started talking. A friend of George’s took the car keys to the Rover to wait in it while George was busy with us… When the friend was to unlock the car – suddenly the car alarm went off! And George started shouting “Press the red button, I said -press the red button”, George then turned towards us and said “I’m sorry for that”.. and all I could figure out to say was “It’s ok…” errr… Then we had a nice chat for 20 min. We talked mostly about the Freddie Mercury concert the next day. After signing items for us he said “Now it’s photo-time” and we all got our own photo taken with George arm in arm! George said good-bye and drove off in his Range Rover…

3 thoughts on “When Some Fans Met George…

  1. He’s rehearsed those lines oh-so-well. I bet they’re still his most infamous one-liners: “Have you got something for me to sign?” and “That’s OK” to photo requests. At least he’s not like certain morons who find themselves too marvellous to have anything to do with fans. Whether his patience (harr harr) is the same these days… well, I wouldn’t know.

  2. Always wanted to put up a “George museum” or sort of diary where you could wallow in memories. Time is running so fast these days, and I think checking for copyright issues nowadays would take most time. At times when people put up their homepage at Geocities it was usual to publish something without worrying about licenses or copyright…

  3. Thank you for publishing this… It makes me feels nostalgic for those days at Weeping Ash. He always was a gentleman with fans.

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