George Michael’s Condition

Up til now, I have deliberately not speculated about George’s condition after his accident. This remains my position. I simply wish him a full and speedy recovery.  In the last couple of blogs, I have commented on the low quality of the press coverage. In this blog, I want to say a couple of things about some of the fan reaction. I hope people will take this in the constructive spirit in which it’s offered.  There are some common threads that seem to be developing. Here they are, along with my responses (for what they’re worth).

Why hasn’t George’s team let people know what’s happening?

Well, they have. They’ve said that he’s fine, and that his extended stay in hospital was solely a precautionary measure. That’s as opposed to his condition being life-threatening. From day one, they could not have been more clear about this. This is either true or it’s not. They have been clear though.

But his fans love him, they deserve to know more details. In fact, the support they’ve given to George over the years means they’ve  earned the right to know more.

I really don’t understand this one. How is George’s health a matter for anyone other than George or his loved ones? I understand that people are worried and wonder how he’s doing. That’s natural.It doesn’t give anyone a right to know anything though. Surely the details are a private matter.

But we don’t believe what they’re saying – they weren’t honest about George’s condition when he had pneumonia. If George is really OK, he should talk to the media or go on Twitter to prove it.

Why? He doesn’t owe anyone that.  For sure, there are reasons for the radio silence on the part of those closest to George. We don’t know what they are, though, and they don’t have to be anything bad. For example, it could just be they want to protect George’s privacy at this time, especially from the media.

The bottom line is – everyone in George’s close circle knows how much his fans love him, and how loyal they are to him. One way or another, I’m sure it won’t be long before everyone learns more about what happened and how George is. My suggestion, and it’s only a suggestion, is just to give them the space they need at the moment.

14 thoughts on “George Michael’s Condition

  1. Amen! I adore George’s music but his private life is just that. None of my business. Of course I only want health and happiness for him – but beyond that his family and close friends don’t owe me any explanations.

  2. Whilst I generally agree… I don’t think an artist of GM’s calibre and longevity can truly expect to have it any other way. Your life as a bone-fide celebrity is never entirely yours, that’s the deal with the devil that you make. If you expect people to invest in you and your songs – songs that draw extensively on your personal life and state of mind, you cannot then flick the off switch and casually discard the fact that they are worried. It would be courteous to dispatch a little more than the standard ‘he’s fine’ at fans who seem truly worried. It would actually be humane.

  3. In what way are they casually discarding the fact the people are worried? George’s PA tweeted to the fans to reassure them, specifically because she understood how worried people were. She didn’t have to do that.

  4. You and I know that someone isn’t in hospital for a week or more as purely pre-cautionary measure. That’s why people are worried. So a tweet of this kind doesn’t really do the job does it?

  5. It seems contradictory to criticize the media for not doing a thorough and factual investigation into the details of this bizarre accident but then to criticize fans for wanting to know more.

  6. I can see that it might seem contradictory, but I don’t think it is. My criticism of the media is that the reporting was of poor quality. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with fans *wanting* to know more. I do think it’s wrong for fans to think they have a *right* to know more though; or to think that George, his friends, family or team have any obligation to provide a running commentary.

  7. @thoughtsfromthisman I know what you mean… but for all we know, he’s was discharged some time ago. Or he might still be in now. As I said in the blog, though, I really don’t want to speculate on George’s condition. I get that people are worried. I just don’t think there’s any obligation for George’s camp to provide anyone with a running commentary.

  8. @thoughtsfromthisman – Remarkable is right. We do not deserve a running commentary regarding George’s health. Yes, he’s a pop star and has to put up with loons camping out day and night at his house, disparaging remarks from the press, and other celeb-type nonsense, but his health is a different story. Hopefully, he is perfectly fine, but if he’s not, his people aren’t going to give you a rundown of all the the things that went downhill for him today (or any other day).

  9. I absolutely agree with your statement that no one besides George’s family and loved-ones has a RIGHT to know anything about his condition (or any other parts of his personal life).

    However, I think by repeatedly stating that he’s “fine”, although he is apparently still hospitalized almost two weeks after the incident, his PR-team does very little to dissolve the situation, IMHO. No one believes that someone (not even a multi-millionaire popstar) would be kept in hospital for precautionary reasons and superficial cuts and bruises for such a long time. So his PR-team is obviously lying. Again, I’m not saying they have any obligation to tell the full truth, or even half of it, about his condition, but it’s so obvious that what they are saying probably isn’t even remotely true that they might as well not say anything at all. They are just fuelling speculations…

    And in case he really is fine and has already gone home, why not release a brief statement about that? It would stop most speculations and put a lot of people’s minds at ease… (But is there even a slight chance that he has gone home and no one, no paparazzi, no tabloid journalist found out about it???)

  10. @Anne “No journalist found out about it”? Did you read my blogs about the low-quality reporting on this? So far, they’ve been a bit useless. George was released from hospital on Sunday. There is now an update with a brief statement on George’s web-site. So far, nothing in the mainstream press.

  11. What we’ve learned after years and years of George landing himself in some situation or another, health-wise of stupidity-wise, is that he always comes out with an explanation at *some* point. It may take a while but he always ends up going on some radio show, writing a song, issuing a statement or throwing out a Tweet. I don’t think anyone REALLY needs to teach his fans patience cause let’s face it… George never rushes into anything and waiting for him to get his finger out is pretty much always an endurance test. Mainly talking about music releases and tours here, obviously, but I think what fans just need to do right now is sit back and do something else with their spare time. He *will* say something, at *some* point. He always does. I mean, come on, George shutting up about something? Who are we kidding here?😉

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