Don’t Call Her Angie

Really great pop singer songwriters don’t come along that often. Especially ones that have the potential to be great writers and global pop stars. The truth is, in recent decades, you can probably count on one hand the number of songwriters making records with the kind of attention to detail that goes into making a truly awesome pop record.  The kind where every single note and sound you hear on the record, every creative choice, is just dripping with musicality; and every word in the lyric comes from an intelligent place.

So, if these kind of artists are that easy to count, let’s do it. You’ll notice, by the way, that some huge stars are missing from my list. Well, that’s because I’m setting the bar high. To be on this list I’m wanting artists that: write songs that are great musically and lyrically; have musically creative arrangements on their records; and have great attention to detail in recording. Artists like these make the kind of records where a version of the song by anyone than the original artist is only ever going to come second best; and the kind of records where, at the height of their success, the artists can be the biggest pop star in the world.

Here we go, then – my list, from the last three decades of pop music: Prince, George Michael, Amy Winehouse, and Lady Gaga.  It’s not many, is it?  Maybe I’ve missed a few. Maybe I haven’t.  For example, I love Rihanna. I think she’s probably the  best pop star in the world right now, and she makes some great pop records. She doesn’t write her own songs, though, so she doesn’t make the list.

Still, there is now one more great to add: Anjulie.

She hasn’t had a really big year yet, but I think it’s just a matter of time until she does. If you love music, especially pop music, you might want to check her out if you don’t know her.  I think she’s going to do insanely great things.

She makes great videos too, by the way, like this one – Stand Behind The Music.

In a world where, for a while, pop music was pretty mush destroyed by TV shows like American Idol and X Factor, which are all about great entertainment, but nothing to do with music, it’s wonderful to see there’s still amazing musical talent prepared to try to make fucking great pop music.

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