George Michael White Light – The Video

Here it is – the video for the new George Michael single, White Light.  Without a doubt, it’s right up there with the best videos George has ever made – it’s fab!  The production values are super-high too, technically and artistically. Really great work from everyone involved.

It’s also great to see George and his team having the confidence in his new music to put some serious money behind this video. Commenting on the cost of making it George told BBC Radio 2,

“The record industry in such a state that the average cost of the video for a new signing is eight and ten thousand pounds which is what it was when Andrew and I started in Wham! But no, this video wasn’t cheap!”

The video really qualifies as a piece of art in its own right – it’s more like a short film than a promo video.  The creative choices they make in this piece are all really beautiful, telling the story of the how George almost died (and how other singers have died) is laid out. It’s an inspired treatment by director Ryan Hope.

I was wondering how the widely-reported zebra that features in the video would make sense, but it does. A common thread in the symbolism running throughout the piece is all about random binary outcomes. Day and night. Sunshine and rain. Film positive and film negative. What’s real, and what’s a reflection (or, indeed, a reflection of a reflection). Alive or undead. Black or white. Black and white (the zebra). Heads or tails. Life or death.

13 thoughts on “George Michael White Light – The Video

  1. It’s all so emotional …thank u George for being with us , I love u so much xx

  2. Loved the video. Especially the little blink at the end. And he’s still “doing the George!” – after all these years.😀

  3. I have been watching the video again, i just am full of tears , the deep message inside the video , brings back all those sad moments i lived last year when George was in hopistal …i find hard to watch it …i am just so grateful George is with us today xxx

  4. Yes, i did …the doctor told him to rest this year and he is not doing that , i am worried about his health …he is again working too hard …bless him xx

  5. Some people don’t care what happens to others unless it is always about them …so selfish !!!

  6. Sometimes I just love a bit of George Michael sarcasm. “It’s so English, isn’t it? You’ve got Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen on the stage in Hyde Park and they switch the electricity off because it’s *ten thirty*. It’s not even like it was midnight! I hope they saw the comedy in it, but I doubt it.”

  7. I think I’d have switched off the electricity at the start of the gig – no need to let it drag on to 10.30pm. Kinda like George used to do for Andrew’s guitar in Wham!

  8. The last part of the video is my fav. part !!! I got hit really hard yesterday when i watched it for first time , today i see it with different eyes ….he is celebrating he is alive ….

  9. Hi, I like White Light but I just have 1 critique : The lyrics . “I’m alive, was it music that saved me ? I have so much to give .. ” i think he can do better , or was he doing it on purpose, the nakedness of it ? if so he shouldve made a clip with him naked in the ocean landscape but the biz ppl are coward . He used to dress it up a bit more. In any case , His lyrics used to be more poetic before .
    I think George is in a phase of transition , he’s looking for himself and that is a scary thing to do and he is very brave to do so. He just needs to keep doing it until he finds the right spot where he feels good again!! I’m a musician and I’m doing this again after a 5 year hiatus and its freaking difficult !!! I just wanna run away .

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