George Michael – Olympics Closing Ceremony

George Michael will be performing two songs live at the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony on August 12 – Freedom 90, and his new single, White Light.

Because of contractual agreements with the official sponsors of the games, no artists performing at the ceremony will be allowed to eat chips/fries, unless supplied by McDonald’s.  In addition, they are required to incorporate either a Big Mac or a Cheddar Deluxe (with bacon) into the staging of their songs.  They must also be sure to be seen drinking either regular Coke or Diet Coke at the venue.

Fortunately, George Michael is never without a Diet Coke, so the only change he has had to make for the Olympics is to drink directly from the can (or bottle) instead of from a clear plastic cup.   It seems likely that George will opt for a Big Mac over a Cheddar Deluxe, but this is not yet confirmed.

5 thoughts on “George Michael – Olympics Closing Ceremony

  1. Wow, this is great …i am so pleased that George will be there as many many people will be able to view his talent …I cannot wait to hear him sing that amazing tune …just a tease before he goes on tour again ;)…

  2. I am feeling so excited these weeks , George’s new tune, his interviews , the closing of the ceremony and the new video , we might have rain in London , but we have George to cheer us all up at least !!! LOL

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