White Light Video Premier July 17 – Here’s A Teaser

Zebra is the new lobster. The video for the new George Michael single, White Light, will premier on July 17, 2012. For now, enjoy a teaser – it’s looking pretty darn good, and that’s without even seeing the zebra…

6 thoughts on “White Light Video Premier July 17 – Here’s A Teaser

  1. Well, you know what they say… people hear what they see. So if the video is impressive, the song will too. Good marketing strategy😉

  2. You know, I really think the song deserves more credit than you’re giving it😉 The melody, the vocals, and the emotion behind the vocals are all much clearer in the Stereogamus mix – I wonder if you’ll like that any better.

  3. Here in Germany the video is not available. The GEMA will finally kill us.Quite a bunch of club owners will close down their discos and clubs end of 2012 because from 2013 the GEMA payroll from the clubs is like the mafia’s protection racket: simply too much.

  4. @Remarkable

    Oh, how I love those one-minute inane intros of beats… lol. Good start indeed.

    Seriously though, this song probably works if you’re pissed or off your trolley in some nightclub somewhere, or for someone on steroids in a gym. I don’t hate it, it just leaves me cold. I could may as well he listening to Justin Bieber. I’ve heard more inspiring tunes coming out of former members of NKOTB. Anyway. He can’t please us all like he used to😉

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