They Were Meant For Each Other

Forget George Michael and Fadi Fawaz.  Forget Harry Styles and Caggie Dunlop.  Forget Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez (hey, if Justin can, you can). If you want to see the hottest couple in show business, you need look no further.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is true love.  Warning – you may need a cold shower after watching this clip. Please enjoy…

Now, I don’t want to cheapen this by telling you that the sex is amazing and more than a little adventurous.  That is a private matter, and it would be totally inappropriate of me to comment.  In fact, I’m not even allowed to confirm that the relationship is sexual, although I may, or may not, have seen the evidence on BoyleTube.  However, I had to promise Mr Cowell, Mr Stephens, The Crankies and various other people that may, or may not, have been involved, that nothing inappropriate would be shown.

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