Keeping Up With The Mosses

It seems that Kate Moss has pretty much finished the alterations she’s making to her house that will make her a neighbour of Bad Boys singer, George Michael (do ya like my tabloid-speak? No? OK, I’ll stop).  It begs the question, how can George keep up with his new neighbours?

George’s enforced hiatus from touring and making music as he recovers from his recent illness gives him an excellent opportunity to put his architects and interior designers to work on making some improvements to his home.   What could he add? Perhaps a swimming pool in the basement?  Or what about a adding a second underground level to the house to  garage the Ferrari 458 Spider (and his other cars) that George needs to consider putting his deposit down for this year if he wants it to be ready to collect when his driving ban ends (BTW George, you can spec the 458 here)?

If you have any thoughts on building projects to keep George occupied for the next few months, please submit your suggestions in the comments section for this post.

15 thoughts on “Keeping Up With The Mosses

  1. George could let me record some takes with him for fun. Trojan Souls is still unfinished and deserves some improvement. Maybe he’ll do a TS II later?😉

  2. That’s his old Ferrari… but George will need a new one when his driving ban ends, and the waiting lists are long. He might need to think about putting a deposit sometime this year.

  3. By the time he gets his licence back he’ll be fit to drive a mobility scooter and nothing else.

  4. I got a phone call from my parents yesterday , they both have influenza and as i was coming to work today i was feeling a bit down as i can’t be there for them so i needed something to cheer me up, George u just did it xxxxx

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