Welcome Back George!

George Michael has been discharged from hospital in Vienna and is back home in London. He just spoke to the media outside his home. Understandably, he was emotional when speaking about how grateful he is to everyone that did such a great job of saving his life in hospital.

He looked very well, but is clearly going to be weak after spending such a long time in hospital.  Great to see him back on his feet, though, and so clearly on the road to recovery.

Welcome back, George, and have a great Christmas!

4 thoughts on “Welcome Back George!

  1. Wow, I still have a hard time believing that this really happened to George… I am so , so glad he made it .

  2. When i saw George on ITV news yesterday , him talking to the media and to us fans , i had tears in my eyes , i am so grateful to the doctors who saved his life , it was for me as well a very dark time , now my body is feeling light again and i can come back to be the happy person i am because i know that my sweet darling George is well again ….best Xams ever xxxx

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