George Michael Taken Ill

Information at this time (7.30pm UK time, Wed 23 Nov) is sketchy. However, news reports are saying that George Michael has been admitted to hospital with suspected pneumonia and heart problems.  There is no getting away from the fact that this is potentially very serious. As yet, though, there has been no official statement about George’s condition (Update: the heart problem reports are incorrect according to George’s UK publicist). Update: The good news is – some of George’s friends on Twitter (Shirlie and Martin Kemp) have been saying positive things about George’s condition. So, for the moment, let’s just hope that all George needs to make a full recovery is a good long rest.

Currently, only George’s shows up to this weekend have been cancelled. If he has pneumonia, it will really wipe him out, and I’d imagine that all the shows until Christmas will have to be cancelled too. (Update Friday evening – all the remaining shows have indeed been cancelled)

Update – Thursday

Reports suggest that George is responding well to treatment, has been discharged from hospital, and is now recovering in a private house in Vienna. If true, that sounds like very good news.

Update – Friday

The latest reports in the media are conflicting both each other, and with yesterday’s reports. Some suggest George has “woken up” in hospital and is in good spirits. Others suggest he’s in intensive care being treated for both pneumonia and serious heart problems. Others are saying that George will be back on stage at the beginning of next week.  It’s impossible to tell which, if any, of these reports are correct. The only thing we can be sure of is that at least some of them are wrong, and it looks to me like some are disingenuous.

Update – Friday Afternoon

The press reports coming out of Vienna are very bad indeed. However, there is no way of knowing if they’re accurate. Meanwhile, ContactMusic has quoted an official representative for George as saying today that George’s condition is not life threatening.

8 thoughts on “George Michael Taken Ill

  1. Remarkable,

    It does sounds really serious and worrying, specially to think that George hasn’t been able to fly home from Vienna since last weekend.
    I only hope that heart problems, were mentioned in some media reports just to make the News ‘bigger’, and that hopefully it is not true.
    Concerts can wait and so can fans.
    Georges health is the most important and he should take enough time off ‘work’ to recover properly and to strengthen his immune system. It seems he gets ill quite often.
    I really hope his condition is not as bad as first reports say.

    Looking forward to more positive official news from more reliable Georges source…

    George, get well soon Lovely! I am sending lots of love and warmth your way! xxx

  2. Yes – even from the absolute facts we have, it’s clearly serious. That is – he had to be admitted to hospital, rather than just rest at home and take his medication. Hopefully, though, Martin’s and Shirlie’s tweets mean that the worst is now behind George, and he’s on the road to recovery.

  3. I am praying and thinking of George and his family XXX Get well soon my lovely George XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. Rem,
    There are news coming from Austria,…but there is absolutely nothing today about GM on BBC Breakfast or ITV DayBreak, which seems strange to me.
    Either it is a good sign, or …is it possible they were told here to keep quiet about George???
    I would think UK should be informed first, this is Georges “home”.

  5. I am scared to think this way, but if there was a good news about George, why would his rep not want to share it with people. They know fans are worried. His friends don’t want to reply to any tweets either, as if they didn’t know what to tell people…

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