George in Milan Tonight…

Yes, I know you know that George is playing Milan tonight.  Really, I just wanted to post a quick note to apologise for taking time to publish a whole bunch of comments. Sorry about that.  Also, to say that I hope the beautiful people of Milan inspire George to put on some great shows this weekend.  Here is your challenge – see if you can inspire George to enjoy the shows as much as his favourite night of the tour so far, Sat 29 October in front of a beautiful crowd at the Royal Albert Hall.

I’ll leave you with George’s favorite performance, of his favorite song of the tour, from his favorite show of the tour – the new version of Praying For Time (see the previous post for details of that, btw)…

6 thoughts on “George in Milan Tonight…

  1. …Which means I was amongst George’s favourive audience of the tour!🙂
    He gave us indeed the Very Special and Very Beautiful Night!

  2. I have been thinking about maybe George could dedicate a song to Michael Jackson.
    I am so devasted still about his loss ! After what has been shown on tv, i miss Michael a lot , i feel so so sorry for his kids and his family and all of us who still want him here with us , he was a proper talent !

  3. It’s really a bit of a shame that the proposed duet between George and Michael Jackson never happened. Michael Jackson was a rare talent indeed.

  4. “You beautiful people of Milan”? You’re starting to sound like George, now. Before long you’ll be using words like “lovelies” as well😉

  5. I just wanna say that i am thinking of George and wish him all the very best for his health, i am gonna pray lots for him that he can recover from that virus he has.
    I am dead worried for him , what can i do? Help!!!!

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