George Michael’s Fantastic New Version of Praying For Time

A few days ago George Michael tweeted that he’d decided to change the lyrics to his song Praying For Time a little.  The changes bring a new energy to the song, and have, in fact, freed up George to change up the whole performance of the song (not only the lyrics).

The format of the Symphonica Tour – where the audience listens to the performance, rather than wanting to sing along with every song – is what is really enabling George to make changes like this. When the audience expects to sing along, you have to make your performance as much like the record as possible.  However, when the audience is listening rather than singing along, artists are free to change the lyrics, the notes in the melody, and the rhythm. It’s great to see George getting creative with his old songs, and finding new ways to perform them. Who knows – one day, he might even find a sensible way of singing Wake Me Up again…

Anyway, enough of the pre-amble, if you haven’t heard George’s new version of Praying For Time, here it is. Hope you like it! (Updated video, recorded from the front row).

20 thoughts on “George Michael’s Fantastic New Version of Praying For Time

  1. Please can you post the lyrics of the new version, as I can’t hear them properly. Thank you in advance🙂

  2. What a magically beautiful performance!
    I absolutely love the new version!
    …didn’t think what is already so perfect can be made even more amazing …but George can do miracles🙂

  3. I don’t want a “sensible way of singing Wake Me Up…”! He should just sing it the way it was originally sung!

    I can’t stand Artists who get famous from singing cheesey, pop songs which everyone loved and hit #1 in hundreds of countries…then the Artist gets too snobby/high-brow and refuses to sing that song ever again…yet George keeps singing snooze-fests like “Round Here” which bombed in the charts…ugh, too pretensious! I miss the happy, carefree Wham! George…not this morose, always-dressed-in-black, doobie-smoker George of recent years…

  4. Thank you so much once more for your review. I have to tell you can find right words to explain and discribe many things that some ppl don’t understand.
    I love this song so much and love this new version too. I’m so greatful for him for this tour and for all these amazing gifts and surprises that he prepared for us. He is TRUE ARTIST.

  5. the new lyrics, as i can hear…. (but i’m pretty sure they are correct)

    “I sang twenty years and a day
    nothing’s changed
    the human race has found some other god that walked into the flame”

    insted of
    “‘Cause God’s stopped keeping score..(till the end of the verse)”

    and add
    “prayin’ prayin’
    do you think we have time
    do you think we have time
    Lord give us time”
    at the end of the song


  6. I like when “George” changes things around a bit…His vocals are brilliant and he is a genius when it comes to writing songs…his lyrics are unsurpassed by few and he is in a category all his own…and it’s more about feeling what he says…I think that’s why he writes the way he feels…so that we may be able to feel what he does…not just listen to it…

    Keep doing what you are doing “George”…you are a master at your craft…and deliver it in a way that no one else can…

  7. Dear George, I am so pleased to read u are feeling better, such a relief !!! I am so grateful for alll u are doing for us , i have a request , u said to keep the tickets for the show that didn’t happen on 26th of October , i definitely will , but would it be any problem if u could make it for 5th 6th or 7th or 8th or any date until 12th of November as i am on holiday in that week , pleaseeeeeeeeee ???xxxxx

  8. If i wanna see George is only because i really like him !!!! please don’t be upset by it!

  9. the RAH got sold out in minutes , i was on the lapstop all day on the sale day trying to buyt tickets , how difficult it was , i ‘d have love to be there for the last two nights , but the demand was incredible !!!

  10. I am so happy to see u back, Remarkable!! I am pleased that my post didn’t get to be deleted ! I was seriuosly worried i said i love George too much🙂 , btw , i did go to see him to the Royal Opera House on Sunday 6th , amazing show and very emotional video for *You have been loved* that was dedicated to Elizabeth Taylor !!

  11. I just really love George. Praying for Time has always been one of my favorites and still is. “God stopped keeping score” He is right on! Why shouldn’t God give up on us? How sensitive of George to come up with those lyrics.

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