George Michael – Love Is A Losing Game – Live

I’ve written about a few of the songs that George Michael performed in Prague on the opening night of his Symphonica tour. There’s an important one that I haven’t covered until now, because I wanted to let my thoughts crystallize. It’s his performance of the Amy Winehouse song, Love Is A Losing Game.

In the few days that have followed this opening concert, George’s performance of Love Is A Losing Game, has, I think, become the most watched clip from the concert on YouTube. Now, there are a number of reasons for that, but a big part of the reason is that it’s really an amazing song, and George really did it justice in his performance. It’s actually one of George’s all-time favorite songs – on a BBC Radio show, he picked it as the one song he’d choose to have with him if he was stranded on a desert island.  I think it would have been a bigger hit for Amy, if it hadn’t been released as the fifth single from her Back To Black album.

What is so amazing about Love Is A Losing Game as a song? Well, the word that springs to mind is one that George Michael has used to describe both Amy Winehouse as an artist, and what George himself strives for a song-writer and singer. That word is, “authentic”.  What do I mean by that?  Well, it’s difficult to put into words, but I think it’s this… Listen to Amy singing the song, or watch George’s performance of it in the video clip below.  This song is timeless. It sounds like it’s been around forever, both musically and lyrically; and the lyrics have a deep meaning that will resonate deeply with many, many people. Somehow, everything about it just “right” – authentic. Very few song writers can write songs like this, and very few singers can deliver the kind of soulful performances needed to do such songs justice.

As George says in his comments before singing the song, it’s so sad that we’ve lost a talent like Amy. These kind of people don’t come along very often, and she’s  a big loss to the world.  If you haven’t seen it already, please enjoy this fabulous video of George Michael’s performance, along with the genuinely beautiful photographs of Amy that are shown behind George as he sings.

2 thoughts on “George Michael – Love Is A Losing Game – Live

  1. I remember that night when George was caught sleeping at the weel by the police he was listening to Amy’s cd… I always thought they’d be great together and always hoped they’d do a duet somehow… too bad now she’s gone… Oh well, we still got George with us.. thank God for that.

  2. Of the youtube clips I have watched from the Symphonica tour, George’s rendition of “Love is a losing game” is hands down the best. I wish he would record a studio version of this track.

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