Will George Cover Lady Gaga On Symphonica Tour?

So far, after just one gig on the tour, it’s clear that George is up for putting covers into the show on the Symphonica tour.  Given we know the set list will change over the course of the tour, I got to thinking – what other artists might George choose to cover? I’m thinking about newer artists here, given the success of the Rihanna cover.

I have a feeling George might possibly slip a Lady Gaga song into the show at some point. In fact, I wouldn’t be completely surprised if she didn’t join him on stage at some point, if any of the dates work for her.  I suspect those two have a lot more in common than people might think…  What Lady Gaga song would George do?  Well, I think a ballad version of Born This Way could be amazing…

Anyway, which newer artists/songs would you like to see George cover on the Symphonica Tour?

9 thoughts on “Will George Cover Lady Gaga On Symphonica Tour?

  1. I also love * Nobody wants to be lonely* by Ricky Martin …omg …so beautiful ! How about * I wanna know what love is * by Foreigner ….brilliant tune !!

  2. Remarkable,

    You are so naughty…:)
    I don’t like guessing…OK… They both are left-handed, they both love wearing sunglasses, but George doesn’t do high heels😉

    So what do you mean by saying they have a lot more in common?
    Do you know anything about some recording plans maybe…?
    Can you reveal a little bit more, please…:)

  3. I am sorry…, answering your question Remarkable, I can’t make up my mind about newer artists…but about older ones, I would love George to cover “Love Story (Where do I begin)” by Andy Williams. I can very well imagine George singing it – his angelic voice would reflect emotions of that song unbelievably beautifully…

  4. @SweetLady

    No, I don’t know anything. I’d just say that Lady Gaga is the biggest pop star in the world at the moment. That is very hard for anyone to deal with at any age, but it’s made more difficult because it happens to people when they’re young. There are a handful of people in the world that are alive right now know what that feels like to be the biggest pop star in the world. Even fewer that really care deeply about song writing and write both lyrics and music. George is one of them. So they have something in common that is/has been a big part of their lives. It wouldn’t be a total surprise if they talk/have talked.

    I’m not sure they would necessarily record together. But a live performance together? Sure, that could easily make sense if the diaries and itineraries work. Even more likely, though, I’d say, for George to sing one of her songs on tour.

  5. Remarkable,

    Thank you.
    Well, you are very right. When the greatest sensitivity and the greatest talent come on you together, and then the greatest success follows, life can turn very cruel…

    Unfortunately, George has experienced a lot of lifes’ cruelty.
    He feels and has respect for many.

    Anyway, if they recorded something together one day, surely it would be interesting and mighty good…

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