George Michael – True Faith – Live in Prague

When George Michael released his cover of New Order’s True Faith earlier this year, there was an unbelievable amount of negative comment about his use of vocoder effects on the vocal. At the time, I wrote,

It’s a bit shocking to me that people are so upset that George used this effect on one of his records… It makes no sense. The fact is – these kind of effects are used on loads of massive international hit records, and people don’t get upset about those.  The only conclusion I can draw is that people are getting upset about the vocoder effects, because it’s George.

Personally, though, I loved the record (see my review). So, I was really looking forward to see how George’s version of True Faith worked live, especially on the Symphonica tour with a symphony orchestra playing in addition to the band. I wasn’t disappointed.  This is another song that’s already working really well in the new format, despite them only having done one performance. Here then is the first ever live performance of George Michael’s True Faith, including George’s introduction to the song…

9 thoughts on “George Michael – True Faith – Live in Prague

  1. I loved the song when I first heard it…and as you…I was waiting to hear it live…I was not let down in any way…He works it well no matter how he performs it…:-)

  2. Actually, having listened to “Where I hope you are” for about two days solid at work, I don’t mind this song as much. lol.

  3. Amazing singer,songwriter…
    What ever he covers he makes it his own…
    Love his talent x

  4. I think that I know why he likes the vocoder so much… it is the closer thing that he can have to make similar effect to Rihanna’s voice which is exactly one of the things that I have never liked of her!. The tone of her voice… it’s is kind of flat, it is all the contrary to George’s colours of his voice… and that is what makes her music so groovy… and George’s likes it JUST because it is the opposity to the quality of his voice… and also because that connnects well to depressive moods, which he can’t never seem to start disliking… umph!!!…

  5. I am glad George is staying relevant contemporary by using the AutoTune/Vocoder!

    He could easily have gone down the Rod Stewart path of being a washed-up rocker singing “Swing” covers…but at least he is still trying to stay relevant!

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