George Michael – Where I Hope You Are – World Premiere

Last night in Prague, on the opening night of his Symphonica tour, George Michael premiered a new song, Where I Hope You Are. The song is about George’s break up with his partner,  Kenny Goss, some two and a half years ago.  Have to say, I think it’s a really beautiful song. I hope people deal with the vocoder effects better than they did with True Faith.

Here’s an early YouTube video of the performance, including George talking about the reasons for his relationship with Kenny coming to an end.

3 thoughts on “George Michael – Where I Hope You Are – World Premiere

  1. I am very proud of “George” and the fact that he let us in to a bit of his life…He’s always kept it so very private and I feel that because of this he has been blamed (or taken the blame) for so much that is not totally of his doing…Touching song…compassion and heartfelt feelings come out…and about the vocoder thingy…I know the man can sing…just an added effect to make the song sound a bit more hauntung…:-)

  2. Back on GMF, the rabid fans kept towing the party line that “George and Kenny never broke up!?!?”…so I am glad George finally put an end to the speculation.

    P.S- Amazone! I need to talk to you!!

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