My Favorite Song From Symphonica Opening Night

After listening to a bunch of the songs that George Michael sang on the opening night of his Symphonica tour yesterday, I have an immediate early favorite.  Like George, I’m a big fan both of this song and the singer who originally sang it – Rihanna (by the way, George, she’s Bajan😉 ). Here it is, then. George’s live version of Russian Roulette


The orchestra worked spectacularly well for this song, and George delivered a fabulous performance to match the soaring arrangement. It really shows the potential of the “Orchestra + Band + George” format. For me (to coin a phrase!), as George and his team tweak the set list and the arrangements for other songs in the show, this is undoubtedly the benchmark by which the others will be judged.


6 thoughts on “My Favorite Song From Symphonica Opening Night

  1. It took a while for me to be able to hear it (not being there yanno…LOL)…but out of the one’s I have heard I think this one is on the top for me…even a little bit of drama at the end…*wink*…”George” could sing the phonebook if inspired to do so…and he always covers better than anyone…;-)

  2. It is amazing….but please let George know that we also want to hear Older and For the love of you , oh pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oh pleaseeeeeeeeeeee….even if he does it for the Royal Albert Hall and the Earls Courts dates only ….oh pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. This song is (together with the new song and True Faith, the absolute highlight of the night for me. I’m praying he keeps it in for every show.

  4. This was the first highlight for me, really. I chuckled a bit when he did “Kissing a fool” and did a “phew” on the bridge. lol. Bless. Tiny little tuning issues in places (just me being picky with my sensitive ears…) but it doesn’t matter much. I just can’t help myself cause I’m a snob😉

  5. Yes, I really laughed when he wiped the imaginary sweat off his brow after the hard part (and he very nearly badly missed one of the notes at the end of that bit) on Kissing A Fool.

    Yes, there’s the odd note that’s not quite there in that performance of Russian Roulette. And he’s clearly got it into his head that the lyric is, “You can feel it through my chest” when in fact it’s, “You can see it through my chest”. But overall, the song really works.

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