George Michael Releases “You and I” For Will and Kate

Tomorrow evening (Friday 15 April 2011), George Michael will make available for free download, a song he has recorded especially for Prince William and Kate Middleton as a gift in celebration of their forthcoming marriage.

William and Kate have given George’s choice of song, a cover of Stevie Wonder’s romantic love song, “You and I”, their seal of approval. George’s new version of the song was recorded on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday(with some extra bits added on Friday) of this week.  Will and Kate have asked that anyone that has been planning on sending them a gift, consider instead making a donation to their charitable fund.  If you’d like to make a donation, you can do so at the official royal wedding charitable fund web-site.

Tomorrow night, with thanks to Piers Morgan, you will be able to watch a short interview with George, and listen George’s new recording on the web-site, which will also link to Will and Kate’s charity web-site. Keep an eye on Piers’s show page on CNN for more details. You will be able to download the song from George’s official web-site. So, if you’re planning on grabbing George’s new recording, please do consider making a donation to the charity. There are some great causes to support, and you can choose the ones you like best for your donation – or just spread your donation across all the causes.

Please spread the word using the Twitter and Facebook buttons below, and let’s help get the word out about Will and Kate’s charitable fund idea, because I’m sure they’ve really got more than enough toasters…

5 thoughts on “George Michael Releases “You and I” For Will and Kate

  1. Awwwwwww…What an absolutely heartfelt gesture…

    I have yet to hear anyone cover Stevie Wonder better than “George Michael”…His renditions and interpretations of Wonder’s music is always brilliant…

    Needless to say…I can’t wait to hear what he has gifted to Prince William and Kate Middleton in honor of their marriage…and what he will be sharing with us as well…

    My donation will gladly be given to their charity…and what better return for what we give than to think of the help that it will bring to others…along with what I know will be an amazing offering from “George”…The best return that I could ever ask for…<3

  2. I was just reminded of the reason why George was such a huge part of my musical background for such a long time. So simple. So beautiful. I so wish he’d continue down this path.

  3. The song is just perfect….so sweet and so so romantic ,oh i much i love to have this warm feelings , the song is spreading this beautiful message of endless love ….

  4. It knocks me off my feet LOL
    Together with You and I, it shows George’s beautiful voice. Like a fairytale where George’s voice get lost and he searches for it in cloud-land. After a long time, he eventually finds it even though the high voice remains lost forever.

    “Keep selling dance craps, sorry, tracks, and let us download ballads to enjoy for free”, came to mind. Of course, it’s not so in reality. I love new music for the heart and the feet.😉

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