The New Off-Topic Conversation

Here it is, George’s lovelies, a brand new place for all off-topic conversation. Please use this for your thoughts that are unrelated to particular posts.  The only thing I ask is that you at least try to respect each other…  and if you’re going to talk about George, or indeed Jesus, please don’t write anything that you wouldn’t be prepared to say to either or both of their faces.

Also, you should not expect messages posted to be permanent.  Comments on this topic will be routinely deleted, without regard to their content.  I realize this policy may not be to every0ne’s liking. Clearly, though, there are many other places on-line where people can post their thoughts and be in control of whether their posts stay in place or not.

The reason for having this thread is out of respect for readers that don’t wish to read comments that are unrelated to the discussion topic at hand.


22 thoughts on “The New Off-Topic Conversation

  1. Oh my God, all of Pippi’s posts about dogs and Fate are gone.

    That was one very unremarkable move, my dear Remarkable… no concern for her feelings whatsoever…

  2. You know – it’s impossible to please all of the people, all of the time. As I say in the post, everyone that posts comments on this blog, particularly in this thread (but others too) should expect that their comments may be deleted from time to time. This isn’t banning anyone from posting comments, and it’s not done for no reason. I am trying to strike a balance so that all voices can be heard.

    I realize this may not be popular with everyone. However, there are many other places on the Internet where people can post comments where they are in control of their own posts. For example, Facebook and Twitter to name but two.

  3. Is it possible to know why all my messages have been deleted!!! I thought this is an off topic thread !!!!!???? Am I wrong!!!???

  4. I felt that way too before i met an amazing dog and i got so much love from him, what i was missing out !!

  5. @Pippi

    See the post…

    “Also, you should not expect messages posted to be permanent. Comments on this topic will be routinely deleted, without regard to their content.”

  6. i have just watched the clip on twitter where George is with Meg chewing his sock , how adorable !!! I wish i could have more of those clips !!!

  7. It’s nice to see that even George lets his doggies sit on the sofa lol , hopefully we can see more of those chats with the cute Meg , must say she looks like Hippy , oh how sweet that dog was, i still rememeber when i gave Hippy a stroke and he let me do it…sweet nature indeed!!

  8. What are the differences between Meg and Abby , they look so alike , surely George detects who is who …I wouldn’t know and i’d end up feeding the same dog twice lol

  9. @ Pippi: I think one of the dogs is a lot older than the other one, so that’s probably how you can tell the difference.😉

  10. Look at the Comic Relief video where he pulls a face in the car. His eyebrows used to raise up to the back of his neck (nearly) at some point, and now it was a minimal frown. I smell botox :p

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