@GeorgeMichael’s First Really Gay Arsed Single?

Well, the advantage of Twitter is that people can get the news, straight from the labrador’s mouth. In case you haven’t heard, though… here’s it is. George Michael has just finished recording a new single, entitled, Every Other Lover In The World. It’s been co-produced with Sydney, Australia based DJ Paul Mac’s production project Stereogamous.

It’ll be interesting to hear it… Given the other member of Stereogamous goes by the name, Seymour Butz, it seems that this might well be George’s first in the genre of music called, “mega hyper gay arsed homo house music:”😉

Well, OK, I just made up the name of that genre, but youknowwhatImean….

Update: George has just confirmed… it is indeed a full-on house track…

4 thoughts on “@GeorgeMichael’s First Really Gay Arsed Single?

  1. I hope that’s not an indication of the really special venues he’s talking about for his tour.

  2. LOL! No, those are going to be venues more traditionally associated with classical music, I think. For example, opera houses. At least, that’s the rumor…

  3. Yes. I hope he embraces YouTube for the promotion of this record. Doesn’t need the video to be ready, necessarily. Just needs to post the audio on YouTube a few weeks before the record is released – that’s where the new audience is.

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