I Wonder If They’re Stupid Enough…

Well, George has been having a bit of fun on Twitter today, and, in the process, given the press a few opportunities to misquote him. He knows what he’s doing of course – the press is pretty predictable. Still, I wonder what the elite newspapers, such as The Sun, will go with? There’s a few angles to choose from.  How about this as a headline?


Yes, he really did say that on Twitter a short time ago. Of course, if you take the full quote,

Apparently I’m having a breakdown. as opposed to a laugh….and all Live! ….life on twitter is so dramatic, don’t you think?🙂

Well… it’s not quite so newsworthy, is it? It will be amusing to see what they come up with tomorrow…


This was what The Sun managed to come up with… the angles they manage to come up  on their stories with get more boring by the day! Sack the showbiz editor😉

GEORGE MICHAEL yesterday hinted he may tour once more – three years after vowing never to do it again.

Dismissing critics of new single True Faith he wrote online: “The album will sell great and the tour will sell out.”

In 2008 the singer, said of gigs in London: “I want to stop doing this at its peak.”


3 thoughts on “I Wonder If They’re Stupid Enough…

  1. Anything “George” does or says is news worthy with a negative type twist to most of the media…I think he is witty and intelligent with how he plays their game against them in many ways…

  2. I never thought I’d say this, put I’m disappointed with The Sun…I mean, George throws them a bone like that, and all they come up with is his tour…😉

  3. What *I* find a bit funny is that he’s still surprised at the press reactions to his rants.

    This is how it’s always been: George says something “sensational”, the press welcome it, re-write it and publish it. In other words, throw him the ball back, he mauls it, throws back and so it continues.

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