The @GeorgeMichael News Of The Day

True Faith News

Well, the big story is – the new George Michael single, True Faith, in aid of Comic Relief was released on download from iTunes yesterday, and is available on CD from today.  Go get it people!

By the way, lots of people don’t know that in iTunes, it’s really easy to gift songs to friends.  When you see the “Buy” button, next to it on the right is a little downward pointing arrow. Click that, and there’s an option to gift the song. It’s easy to give to as many people as you like – you just need their e-mail addresses. So why not gift the single to a friend or two?

Tour News

Here’s the scoop on George’s tour plans… with the caveat the none of this has been confirmed, and all plans at this stage are subject to change, in any case.

Some live shows, sooner than people think. There will be a live album released from that later in 2011. Then, in 2012 there will be the new studio album, followed by another tour. The 2012 tour will likely be a combination of the 2011 orchestra tour, plus touring the new studio album.

George says the 2011 orchestra shows, which may be in some pretty stunning venues, may end up being the most exciting shows (for him) that he’s ever done.

There’s more about George’s plans for 2011 and 2012 in the previous post.

6 thoughts on “The @GeorgeMichael News Of The Day

  1. @remark such a shame that this version will never get it’s dues…for many a reason/s. I loved the orig,but until GM waved his magic wand over it,i never realalised the meaning and conviction of the lyrics…and how it hit Home!i’ve been tempted to have a youtube war with the “indie”/manc loving crowd,but i sumised that you can’t teach the ignorant!…aso best leave it as is..

  2. I just read this entry. Now orchestras would be exciting for sure but what kind of music would he play? Old George songs? I hope not.

    Oh wait… I I had that dream back in 2005… I remember posting it on the GMF forum… I bet it’s still there… In the dream, I was sitting in this great auditorium along with someone else… I think it was Nobby… and there was this orchestra and George was… if I remember correctly, he was conducting the orchestra… It was symphonic music and the sound was very “crystalline” in texture which is why I came up with the title Crystalline Symphony…

  3. To be honest, I ‘d rather this didn’t happen. Since the music was in my dream, I would like to think of it as music that was coming from inside of me, not George. Obviously, if he has written any classical stuff, that ‘d be great but not the Crystalline Symphony. I would like to write that one day. For the time being, I ‘ve just got one and a half tracks ready for that musical project I ‘ve been working on with my friend. But that project is not the Crystalline Symphony… I ‘m not ready to write such a complex work yet.

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