@GeorgeMichael’s Plans For 2011 and 2012

The plans for George Michael in 2011 and 2012 are becoming clearer by the day.  While these details are yet to be officially confirmed, it seems like this is how things are looking at the moment…


  • A new live project
    • Some live shows playing songs with large orchestra(s) around the world, in interesting venues such as opera houses. These will be new arrangements of old songs.
    • A new live album recorded from these shows to be released
  • Some new singles from his forthcoming “electronic” studio album
  • Possibly the Twenty Five live show will head to South America, but this is a bit sketchy and may not happen


  • A new studio album to be released, will have an electronic feel. True Faith is the first single from the album
  • George plans to tour the new studio album in 2012, and may also include some of the 2011 orchestra type arrangements in that tour too.

All in all, it’s looking like George’s fans will be seeing a lot of him in the next couple of years… As I say, though, none of this has officially been confirmed. So, some of the details could be wrong, and existing plans may yet change.

14 thoughts on “@GeorgeMichael’s Plans For 2011 and 2012

  1. I feel an electricity in the air that is “George Michael”

    He sounds very positive and ecstatic about what he has planned for the very near future…and I for one cannot wait for what he has to offer us…

    Live and studio recordings…Tour planned…I can’t wait…

    Bring it on “George”…*huge smile*

  2. “Word is, an intimate orchestral tour hopefully at the Royal Opera House, Paris Opera House etc – and America if he can get his Visa back.”

    Well, if he’d planning the Royal Opera House, he’ll have to give at least a year’s notice…

  3. I imagine he was inspired by spending time in Sydney, and seeing the Sydney Opera House so often. Wonder if he’ll play that beautiful new opera house in Oslo?

  4. Well, it might…

    However, it’s no small undertaking to put amazing orchestral arrangements together, and to rehearse the orchestra(s) to play the music correctly. The kind of classically trained musicians that play in symphony orchestras almost *always* have a major problem getting syncopation “right” with the kind of music George makes. Seems to be like the difficulty that Western people have speaking Mandarin. So, getting this right will be a LOT of work for George… a LOT.

    The point being – if you go to all that trouble, and make the live shows fabulous, I think it would make sense to record the performance… and to release the record because it will be something different for the audience, and something worth remembering for George.

    Time will tell, though😉

  5. OMGS…”remarkable”…how word perfect is your comment on the undertaking of orchestral arrangements…especially for “George”….a lot of his music is very intricate for the simplest of arrangements…the layers that he loves to provide us with musically…

    A live performance of these performances would be not only “Amazing” but memorable to say the least…

    I am so looking forward to whatever “George” has in store for us…I know it will be totally “brilliant”…

  6. It’s very exciting news Remarkable. What has struck me listening to George this week is how softer his voice is sounding now he’s cleaner, he sounds younger don’t you think? His vocals are gonna kick ass!!!

    I’m looking forward to hearing whatever he releases as I realised a long time ago that nothing he puts out can be ignored, if you really love music then George is always one to watch and for me he’s the best there is out there.

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  8. So true about the difficulty of GM music for orchestras. My sister-in-law is a classically trained concert pianist. While she can play Chopin without a problem, I gave her the sheet music for Freedom 90 and she couldn’t play it.

    It’ll be truly awesome if he can pull it together. He sounded great with the orchestra at Pavarotti & Friends a few years back.

  9. You know, if she can pull off Chopin properly, you should persuade her to stick with the George! Suggest she listens to George’s music, feels it, and just uses the sheet music as a guide.

    Chopin is incredibly difficult to play well, most classically trained pianists can’t play it correctly – and the reasons why are that you have to feel the music. That is, what Chopin wrote in the score is just a guide. It’s those same skills that are required for playing contemporary music properly.

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