The @GeorgeMichael News Of The Day

Welcome to the George Michael news of the day…

True Faith

For the sixth day running, George Michael is holding on to the #1 spot on the Amazon Best-selling CD Single chart and the Amazon Hot Future Release CD Single chart.

George pointed out that the backing track is actually a live instrument backing track, played by his band (something that a number of reviewers have failed to notice).  It’s a neat idea to have a real instrument arrangement combined with a heavily processed electronic-sounding vocal.  Is it the first time this has been done on a hit record, especially with a ballad? It might be.  The closest I’ve been able to come up with on a big hit record is 2Pac’s California Love… But it doesn’t really qualify, because although it sounds like there’s some live instruments on there, I think it’s a digital sample from another record with live instruments.  If you can think of a track that fits the bill, let George know on Twitter…


I thought of one in the end.  It’s a ballad, has some live instruments, and has an electronic vocal (it’s supposed to be the voice of a computer). The vocal is actually performed by a trained opera singer called Ellen McClain, and the song was written by Jonathan Coulton. The song, called “Still Alive”, plays over the end credits of the massively popular video game, Portal. Enjoy…

George is doing some more radio promotion for True Faith today. He’s recording an interview with Mark Goodier this afternoon, which will air tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday on his Smooth Radio show, between 10am and 1pm.

Other news…

Building on his success with tweeting photos yesterday, George has been trying out posting videos on Twitter. He posted a video of his home studio, and played part of a backing track for a demo of a new dance track he’s working on.

Oh, and in case you were believing the rumors, George hasn’t been asked to be a judge on the US version of X-Factor.

8 thoughts on “The @GeorgeMichael News Of The Day

  1. I love how you have been keeping us informed of the massive “George Michael” (“Comedy Relief”) media blitz going on at the mo…

    I also love that he is on “Twitter” keeping us up to date as well…His pics (and “WOW” even a video) are spot on…

    Keep the positive vibes going for this wonderfully talented individual…He deserves a bright spotlight in his life…not to be overshadowed by the negativity that most media tries to throw in his pathway and block him with…

    Shine on “George Michael”…and “remarkable”… please know that I feel you deserve to shine with him now as well…


  2. I think there might be a reason why there aren’t any hits that immediately springs to mind that has a live backing track and an electronic voice. The whole idea makes me a) yawn and b) want to throw things.

    PS Did you hear what kinda tour he’s gonna do? I did😉

  3. Oh ye of little (true) faith😉 Let’s see how this record does. I predict his biggest hit, certainly since Amazing, and possibly since Outside.

    I think George’s point is that he’s done something fairly original with the new single. It is original in terms of the production, and the band play George’s arrangement beautifully – but still the arrangement is very George, even if the vocal isn’t something he’s done before. So, maybe more evolution that revolution.

    No, I don’t know what kind of tour he’s going to do. Last I heard, he was gonna do something with symphony orchestras at venues around the world suitable for orchestral performances – presumably with a set list to match e.g. lots of Songs From The Last Century, as well as new arrangements of his some of his back-catalog. But then, I heard his band is booked for a South American tour later this year (which I presume would be the 25 Live show). And George has now confirmed the new album is gonna have an electronic theme (including some dance music) which doesn’t seem to fit with the whole orchestra thing.

    So, I’ve got no idea what’s going on with his live plans! Do tell what you’ve heard – unless it’s a secret!

  4. I would love to see him get back out there when he is ready…He is the ultimate performer…He does not disappoint at any level…I still have to say the best concert (25Live) that I have ever been to…no need for an opening act…He can pull it off all by himself…

    “George” live is just that…”LIVE”…:-)

  5. Oh…and just to let you know…I do have “True Faith”…maybe the “Truest”…*wink*…:-)

  6. George has been trying out posting videos on Twitter

    Keep on, that is an interesting idea.😀

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