The @GeorgeMichael News Of The Day

True Faith

In case you haven’t heard, the video for the new George Michael single, True Faith was completed this morning, and was delivered to Comic Relief. George has hinted that there may possibly be call-backs to the original New Order video (think inflatable suits).

You’ll be able to buy the video on iTunes on the night of March 18. No word as to whether that’s the UK iTunes store only, or if it will be available in other countries.

True Faith is also continuing to hold on to the #1 spots on both the Amazon Best-Selling CD Singles chart (see the live chart) and the Amazon Hot Future CD Single Releases chart (see the live chart). As I said before, I have a feeling being #1 on these charts won’t translate directly into official UK chart positions because downloads are counted in that, but it’s hopefully a good sign that the single will chart highly.Β  Judging from Twitter comments, it seems that the record is growing on people, which is another potentially good sign.

This afternoon, George has done more radio promotion for True Faith, pre-recording interviews at Heart, Magic and Capital. The Capital interview with Johnny Vaughan is scheduled air between 8am and 9am tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. Sounds like it will be worth tuning in for – George tweeted that it’s possibly the funniest interview he’s ever been involved with.

Electronic Faith

Earlier, on Radio 2, George spoke for about one second on the subject of his new album and tour. It seems the new album may have an electronic slant, a bit like “an electronic version of Faith”. Something to do with listening to house music in gay clubs. There will also be a new tour. George said it would be a very different show to the ones he put on in the past. Previously, he’s been quoted as saying to fans that the new tour would be him singing with a full orchestra. He didn’t repeat that today. Not totally clear how that would fit in with an album with an electronic vibe, but I guess time will tell on that one.

In other news

George has been in good form on Twitter in the last 24 hours, tweeting photos of his dogs, his garden and his house. So… watch out housekeeper, watch out driver/dog walker, watch out next-door neighbours, watch out flowers (oops… the flowers were a mistake), and watch out Kenny is what I say! No-one will be safe from George’s iPhone camera now he’s figured out how to tweet photosπŸ˜‰

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11 thoughts on “The @GeorgeMichael News Of The Day

  1. Rem

    this is so funny what George is doing with photos on Twitter… you are right! no-one will be safe from George’s IPhone camera again!

  2. Very Nice George!!! Well Done!!!πŸ™‚

    It has been the good news all together!

    What makes me the most happy, is the fact that Georges voice/speech sounds so much better.
    It is a very good sign, that the things are slowly moving in the right direction for him.
    And he was so comfortable talking through all those not the easiest for him subjects.
    The interview was a pleasure to listen from A to Z.

    As for the True Faith, the first listening was a bit of a “shocker” what George did with the song.
    But I’ve heard it a couple more times since yesterday, and there was a good reason for auto tuning. It works so well there, as it helps to reflect in deepper way the message of those lyrics.

    I like this song more and more. It is very original and of genious in its kind…just like The Artist himself!πŸ™‚
    I wish it will do well on the charts…fingers crossed!

  3. Nobody does it better than “George Michael”…

    I think “True Faith” just shows what a musical genius he is when he puts his “remarkable” touch to someone else’s music…Too bad no one ever seems to be able to touch his…music that is…LOLOL…but then again…no one has his talent or ability to translate what he has written…

    I am very happy for the promotion that you (“remarkable”)are not only giving to “True Faith” but the charity as well…”George” has been a true supporter of many charities throughout his career…His heart and passion are as big as his talent…May he be able to share both for many years to come…

    “True Faith” is “hauntingly briliant” as only “George Michael” can do…

    Buy or download the Track and support not only “Comedy Relief” but the man himself…”George Michael”…

  4. Yog, I am with you on this one. Twitter-galore – a new tech addiction for George… Long it may last!

  5. Personally I looking forward to what else he might post by mistake (note to George, best if you delete those ,uhm,private photos just in case)πŸ™‚

  6. I have to admit I find his obvious enthusiam/fascination with Twitter really adorable! I mean, he’s even posting little videos now…

    And it’s probably a safe way for him to kill some time, as opposed to his other leisure-time activities…πŸ˜‰

  7. Did you guys check out the demo vid clip he posted ??

    I LOVE that sound !!

    Electronic Faith FTW !

    PS – Please no Auto Tune lol.

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