True Faith By @GeorgeMichael Dividing Opinion

It’s been a few hours since the new George Michael single, True Faith, was premiered.  A survey of Twitter makes one thing clear – this record is really dividing opinion.  Lots of people love it, but lots of people also seem to hate it. That’s a not bad thing in my book because it means people are talking about the record – which means more people are going to make the effort to listen to it… and so more people have a chance to see if they like it or not.

After hearing the record, my money is on True Faith achieving a Top 5 chart placing. But remember, if you want to see the record do well in the charts, you do need to buy it when it’s released!


18 thoughts on “True Faith By @GeorgeMichael Dividing Opinion

  1. hello Rem🙂

    will buy the video bundle and the cd! I love it! it is unusual… and it not classical GM here! it is a completely new GM experimenting new sounds.. and think the delivery of concept of lyrics etc into sound and voice fits perfectly.

  2. What about Fatherhood ?? and the new World Tour ?

    Do u have any idea about that Remy ?

  3. This morning I dont hate it as much , but still feel it would have sounded better without auto tune.As the instrumentation is good.
    maybe he could release one version without auto tune.

  4. when i heard this song first,oh by the way,i had already pictured what kind of version i would have hoped(wanted) for. Then after hearing it and at first thinking the vocals must be down to bad streaming….and after a few replays,it just hit the spot…now its on fuckin re run in my head…which isn’t a suprise,although i dissagree about the remark about this is not real love as being not a good single. It was his best main stream song in years by a country mile,and should have been great,along with a video and some promo…the amount of non gm fans that loved that song that i have met is silly…but another oppurtunity missed in GM’s life….. anyway back to this cover,always loved the original(and the vid…two gm’s mega hagen daz’d up fighting)after a few play backs,it is on constant re-run in my head,typical george….saying that,i reckon the single won’t buy many meals for those starving african kids,i’m afraid!,,times/tastes have changed unfortunatly

  5. The only reason I say This Is Not Real Love wasn’t a “decent hit” is because of the chart position it achieved as a single. It only reached 15 in the chart which, these days, means very few people bought it.

    If lots of people really had liked it, it would have done better in the charts. I think more people will like True Faith, and for that reason I think it’s a better pop record. As George once said, “Pop music is meant to be popular. If the chart positions are getting worse, it’s because the records are getting worse.”

  6. Remy , I have my doubts about people liking True Faith a lot. Even if the song becomes a decent hit , that would be more because of it being a charity single for Comic Relief (Which has built a certain brand name for itself as a charity of repute).

    I am happy that GM will have a strong presence on the charts again but as a fan of “HIS” music , I am not too excited with this single.

    This is just my opinion and all ready to agree completely / partially / inversely with it.

    PS – This is not real love was Great !! Stop picking on that song lol.
    What was a sacrilegious mistake was not releasing Understand as a mainstream song in the USA Country/Adult Contemporary Charts.

    PPS – My video for Understand on Youtube was ordered to be taken down by the studio.😦

  7. @Yog

    Well, there are two records out for Comic Relief: one by George; and the official Comic Relief song by The Wanted. So, we’ll see how those do relative to each other.

    I think George’s record is better than The Wanted’s record. I don’t think True Faith is a smash No. 1 hit, but I do think it’s better than the last few singles that he’s put out.

  8. Just saw the competition’s video for Gold Forever and I am really confused as to how GM will make a “funny” vid for such a dark song.

    Anyway it will be up for sale soon so lets see.

  9. @remark remember this quote…”After hearing the record, my money is on True Faith achieving a Top 5 chart placing”….my worse fear were/was proved right,i just don’t think GM has a market any more,well a singles market atleast…too much stuff has happened…
    The whole charity bit makes it even worse,even for charity no one wanted to buy the song!!
    He should just stick to albums and concerts,and if he makes some mega f**k off electro dance hit/s,like it looks likes he’s gonna try,then release it under a pseudonym….

  10. Well, I still think the record was worth a top five position, based on the quality of competing records out at the same time. Clearly, though, most people either don’t agree, or didn’t know about the record.

    Obviously, most of George’s existing audience don’t buy singles, and if they do, they don’t buy records on iTunes.
    I think part of the problem is that people who do buy singles, especially on download, don’t really even know who George is. He’s been away a long time. If the new music is good enough, people will notice… and they will start buying it.

    People were saying George Michael was irrelevant to pop music and didn’t have a market when Older was released… and the singles and the album both sold well. I think his future success is all about the music being good enough…

  11. What position did it get in the end? After the millionth RT I just lost interest, so I haven’t really paid much attention… but by the sound of things it didn’t get into the top 5, as predicted.

    What needs to happen, as it seemingly is going to do, is for him to put out a record, tour with it and get noticed that way. “Nobody” buys singles anyway, not even when the star of the single begs them to on Twitter – even for a good cause.

    Re: The Opera House Tour:
    I somehow think doing “an opera house tour” is a bit risky in this day and age – mainly because of what it’ll cost his audience. Even charging £100 for a ticket in mucky old Earls Court was a bit much if you ask me, but people were starved then – after over a decade of fuck-all.

    The hard core audience will pay £1000 if they get the chance, and that won’t change, but what about the rest?

    Everything about “opera house” is expensive: Hire, full orchestra, much fewer seats available so a lot more expensive. For instance: La Scala has 2800 seats, Covent Garden has 2300, Sydney Opera House has 2600, compared to the Metropolitan Opera that has 3800, which is considered a lot.

    If he “had to” charge an average of £80-£100 for Earls Court that has a capacity of 19000, with just his band, just imagine what he’d have to charge to make all this worth while. Someone care to do the maths?

  12. LOL! It got to 27 in the chart! Worst performance by one of George’s singles in a long time. Too many people who might have bought the record didn’t like the vocal (maybe half of George fans, and most New Order fans); and not enough people that might have liked it and bought it (a new audience who download from iTunes) knew about the record (no radio play on stations that downloaders listen to).

    About the “opera house” tour. First thing to say is – it’s much cheaper to put that kind of show on, than it is is to do a big show like 25 Live… didn’t he spend something like twelve million pounds just on the set design for that, along with the costs of over a hundred people and small fleet of big trucks required to go on the tour to assemble the stage at each venue.

    It will be interesting to see what kind of venues he goes for. If it ends up being in venues seating only a couple of thousand people, I guess it will only make sense business wise because of the planned live album where he’ll be assuming he can sell a few million copies.

    So, if you assume he charges prices for tickets that cover the cost of putting on the show (I’d imagine prices might be in the range £60 to £150 depending on seat location), then one of way of looking at the project is that he gets an album recorded for free – compared to the several million pounds he spent recording Patience.

  13. Like George would ACTUALLY release a LIVE live album without fucking about with the vocals in the studio afterwards😉

  14. Funny fact of the day:

    Thin Lizzy’s “Live and Dangerous” – that’s been voted one of the best live albums of all time – wasn’t actually live at all. The audience sounds are, in fact, from another artist’s live album – produced by the same peeps.

    So George ain’t alone, at least😉

  15. @remark…i thought this song and freek,flawless,T.I.N.R.l were also sure fire top fives….but it don’t work that way…in the age of hello,OK,and jeremy kyle..i mean,there were women screaming at take that,when they are old enough to be thier dads….and in some part of england,thier grandads!!
    The Older reference was a tad strange…this was a time when a major,major pop star had taken a break and there was sooo much of an air of mystic and who is he really ,to his whole persona….so he had an audience….plus the album was f***ing brilliant….even though it got some bad press…
    But it sold 10 million+(beat MJ to the uk record of number of top 5@s from one album) even though his previous 10 million audience(USA) had desserted him like a leppar with the clap!

    his next stuff,has too be catchy straight away,have a video available way before the release….even then it will be hard….i still think if he made an effort he would have a better shot in america,this country (U.K) is well f***ed up,its becoming one big jermemy klye show….it won’t be long before are priminister will have a tattoo,and a sovriegn ring…lol

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