George Michael Fans – Call To Action!

This message is for all George Michael fans – a call to action.  If you read this, please send them along here – this is the link:

It’s been a while since a George Michael single has done well in the charts. In fact, he hasn’t had a decent hit (as judge by chart position) since Amazing in 2002, and really by George’s standards even that wasn’t errr… amazing. In reality, the last single that George would probably regard as a success in terms of chart position achieved was Outside in 1998.

There are a few reasons why – some of them down to George, some of them down to others.  But that doesn’t matter now. George is reputed to have some songs that are potentially monster hit new songs on his hard drive.  With the release of True Faith, George is putting his toe in the water of the charts again, and trying something different in terms of how the record is marketed. He really needs the support of his fans now, to make the record a success – that means YOU!

So, if you’re one of the George Michael fans (and I know there are lots) that:

  • In 2010 didn’t buy December Song, because you didn’t like it/already had it
  • In 2009 didn’t buy December Song, because you didn’t like it/already had it
  • In 2006 didn’t buy This Is Not Real Love because you didn’t like it
  • In 2006 didn’t buy An Easier Affair because you didn’t like it
  • In 2005 didn’t buy John and Elvis Are Dead because you already had it on an album
  • In 2004 didn’t buy Round Here because you already had it on an album

Then, please, please please PLEASE go out and buy a copy of True Faith when it’s released – either on CD or on download (or both).  It’s a great song, so it’s likely George’s version will be pretty great; and, of course, the proceeds are going to a really great cause.  Please tell all your friends to go and get a copy to support the charity, too.

If you can help make George’s version of True Faith a big hit, it will motivate: George to invest more time, effort and money in the promotion of his new music; the people at his new record company to work harder to make George’s music a success all over the world; and also convince the powers that be at more radio stations that George Michael music is relevant to a wide audience.

If you plan on buying True Faith, please leave a message in the comments. Please tell your friends to come here and join the campaign, and leave a message in the comments saying where others can find your links – tell people in forums, tell them on Facebook, tell them on Twitter, tell them in IM chats, tell them in e-mails, tell them in texts! Remember, this is the link:

Or you can use the Twitter and Facebook buttons at the bottom of the post.

Let’s see if, together, we can make this new record George’s biggest hit in a over a decade!

36 thoughts on “George Michael Fans – Call To Action!

  1. i love just about everything George does…. have ordered True Faith from Amazon … can’t wait

  2. Thanks too, to those of you Facebooking this. Twitter and Facebook are bringing about equal numbers of visitors at this point.

  3. You forgot carrier pigeon…send a carrier pigeon to all your friends!😉 I bought all those singles and will buy this one too! Good luck with the campaign Rem and good luck to George!

  4. Ah…but I didn’t say I LIKED them…just bought them!😉 ‘An Easier Affair’? *SPITS* LOL!😉

  5. I am gonna buy True Faith when its out. Re, i am disappointed to those who attack Calliope Iris. Can you do something against those? Cause i am involved to to there things said about her…

  6. I buy everything I can from George Michael (cds, albums, collectors items etc). Just received ‘The Lowdown’.
    I will definately buy ‘True Faith’ on cd cause George is ‘Amazing’

  7. I have already pre-ordered “True Faith”…one for myself and one for a friend…I will also download when it is available…

    “George Michael” is a genius at his craft and should also be admired and respected for his charitable work as well…

    Nobody does it better…There is nothing that he would release that I wouldn’t buy in any form or fashion…

  8. I pre ordered mine this morning from amazon it arrives around the 17th March. I will also download it when it’s available

  9. I’ll give a tenner to Comic Relief and buy the first song that George wrote and that I know that is superb. Is buying records all fans can do for their pop star? I don’t think so.😉

  10. offcourse I will buy true faith and offcourse the whole bundle and I hope it will be high on the charts he so deserves it the best singer/songwriter in the world and a wonderfull humanbeing!!

  11. Okay, after I listen to it. LOL

    Just like to give some inspirations back for helping me finding my wife.😉

  12. Already pre purchased my copy on Amazon UK. Would be so easier for fans to buy in their own countries because there are a lot of people who don’t have a credit card to buy online. Maybe then sales would go up🙂

  13. Yes, I have made an arrangement – when she sends me the CD, I will pay her back – with a fellow GM-fan and online friend who bought a couple in the pre-order (thank you J!)

    I don’t use iTunes. I will purchase something though, to help support George’s new single. Not sure what format or when, but I will! The only one on your list I DON’T have is John & Elvis because I hate that song, it’s one of, if not my least favorite of all his songs. So I never got round to buying it, but I will. Ok, wait, Cars & Trains I hate even more. So yeah, it’s my 2nd least liked GM song in his 25+ year career.

    Uhm, and I have already tweeted and facebooked this link, as well as I added it to

    Hope that helps a bit!!

    Lise Robichaud/LadyM

  14. Have mine on pre-order (not new order lol) – totally looking forward to hearing him sing this and hopefully lots more. x

  15. Hi Remarkable and everyone!

    Thanks for following me on Twitter Remarkable. It was a nice surprise. :))
    I love all the songs you mentioned and I bought them. I’m a die-hard fan.
    Of course I’ll be buying “True Faith” cd/any format. I’ll wait until it arrives in Portugal. I want to contribute to portuguese statistics of George’s sales. Lol
    Btw, I shared your link on FB and on Twitter. George to Number One!!

    I wish you all a nice week.

  16. I have already ordered 3 from Amazon. I will buy again from GM.COM,i bought 2 copies of Faith remastered, and i bought all the singles you mentioned in this blog. I buy everything wether i already have it or not. You can NEVER have too much George.Bring on TRUE FAITH.

  17. So very excited for TRUE FAITH to come out. Love any new George music. Have already ordered and cannot wait for it to arrive.<3 George

  18. Pre-ordered True Faith from Amazon the first day it was available! Absolutely thrilled that George is giving it another go. I will support and buy everything he puts out! Thanks for all your efforts in getting the word out!

  19. All his music is wonderful. Will be ordering the single from Amazon! Can hardly wait!!!!

  20. I am waiting for this pre-odered GM interview…should be on air in a minute…🙂

    Can’t wait to hear True Faith, can’t wait to buy it!🙂

    Love you George!!! You are the best! Be good!🙂

    …I won’t buy The Sun though.
    Why do they like to spoil Georges day so much ?!

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  22. I am buying it for sure and i am spreading the voice to all my colleagues at work to buy it , download it and so on….i want everyone to know about it …love it , thanks Georgin xx

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