George On Twitter

Ever the master of understatement, something is telling George that Charlie Sheen is very vulnerable right now. Few would disagree with that, I don’t think; but even though he’s bat shit fucking crazy and has half-destroyed his mind and body with drugs (Charlie, not George), he still has a shed-load more followers than George.

So, what does a man have to do to get a million followers around these here interwebs?

One idea would be to tweet inappropriately about celebrities he’d like to fuck e.g. Justin Bieber.  Yes, I know some will think that could be a bit of a stretch (pun intended). But hey – George likes ’em short.

Or even better, he could tweet inappropriately about celebrities he has fucked… like Elton e.g. “When Elton first showed me his cock, it put me right off my breakfast.”

No? Oh well, it was just a thought.

Anyway, you can read all of George’s tweets for yourself. If you look carefully, you’ll be able to work out what time he puts his iPhone down at night, and goes to sleep…

32 thoughts on “George On Twitter

  1. @Remarkable

    I find what he’s done so… “desperate” doesn’t even come close…

    Thank God I don’t feel the slightest need to browse his page. And since I found out, I felt this renewed desire completely disconnect from him… which means that I will not be browsing here or PG anymore… and that’s it really… because I don’t go anywhere else for George news…

    And the song I probably won’t get to listen to it cause I ‘m not gonna buy it, I don’t listen to the radio, I don’t watch MTV and other music channels… so most probably I won’t watch the video either…

    Nor do I read the tabloids…

    So yeah, I ‘m freezing him out. Whether he needs help or not, I don’t care anymore. I don’t care about this earthly self of his that is hurting his soul. There’s a huge discrepancy between the two.

    He’s behaving like a 16 year old, an a$$hole and a possessed person all at once.

    The sad thing is that he’s playing games and messing with people’s minds including his fans… he’s been doing it for years… it’s 2011 and he hasn’t changed one iota.

    I mean look at him, he is releasing a song about drug addiction, a song with very dark overtones and the artwork on the single cover reveals a man who’s an angry a$$hole. No better way of describing him.

    He is dying inside yet he’s smiling for the cameras.

  2. @Remarkable

    Regarding followers, I don’t know much about Twitter but I ‘m sure there are “ways” to get people on to follow you… Not sure how it works exactly but I know you can do it somehow.

  3. @Remarkable

    Isn’t it ironic though… a man of great wealth and fame, a man with a 15 year relationship, a man with an amazing musical gift… and he ends up on Twitter…

    Oh and wasn’t he supposed to be in Sydney partying day and night with his new Australian friends? Whatever happened to all that…………..

  4. elena (of troia)
    better you keep yourself in the past and do not feel envy for others who LIVE!!!

  5. @Remarkable

    OK, I have to say goodbye now… Not sure when I ‘ll talk to you again…

    Take care


    You too take care of yourself… better not be in touch on facebook right now cause I don’t want to hear a single word about George…

  6. Oh hang on a minute, one last post for Nadia’s sake…

    Nadia, you stupid cow, if you were not so stupid you would realize that if George had a life, he would not be on Twitter.


    Just saw your reply. Well, I guess you too embrace the sheeple mentality. Nevermind, I still like you.


  7. Good job, Nadia ! Get out of here , i have had enough of you !! Leave George alone , just get something else to play with …bitch

  8. Elena , i whom meant to address my last post, but i guess they could be both the same person…get the hell out of here Elena , u bitch …what goes around comes around

  9. ah ah elena (of troia) for my sake????ah ah!! George is alive…..more than you!!! ah ah!!!do not feel any pain when you will see him rock this year!!!ah ah no pain elena (of troia) no pain ah ah!!!

  10. @Elena, and posting 20+ comments in response to every single post on this blog is of course having a life (*Roll eyes)You don’t get to decide how George or anyone else should spend their time..

  11. Missing a commenting function on Twitter.

    George seems to get up *very* late lol…

  12. I wonder if Elena is the nut job George found under his floorboards all those years ago? He still gets these crazy stalkers and they accuse HIM of messing with THEIR heads lol.

  13. According to my Twitter, George tweeted “Sweet dreams” at 4:30pm… now that can’t be right, unless that’s when he goes down for a little nap so he can stay up all night😉

    I think it’s a good thing that he’s joined Twitter, you know, publicity, “connecting” with his fans and all that jazz!

  14. @Concerned of Hampstead: If i can remember right the kind of woman you were talking about had short hair and was wearing clothes like George wear. And she was a english woman and not a greek one as Elena is. Leave Elena in peace you attacing and jealousy of bullshit…

  15. @Amazone, Thanks but I have no idea what the woman looked like that stalked George, (you know having a life and all that)

    Also I find it hilarious you would accuse me of being jealous of some weirdo who stalks a pop star.

    So erm…get lost🙂

  16. @concerned of hampstead: If you see it like stalking, then we all are internet stalkers of George, even me i stalked him. But i know where my boarders are to him. I would never go near his house or something. But i love him for the bottom of my poor heart. He is my dreamman and also he was in my “fantasies” reality. Thats why i stalked him. And he know it! Just me to remember the black limousine and the silver helicopter…

  17. Anyways, funny how Sunshine would say that what goes around comes around… because if she believes that, she must also believe that one day all of those who attacked me on this blog and elsewhere including her will be attacked too in their effort to express themselves.

    Cause the truth is and everyone knows it here even though they do not wish to admit it, I never came here or anywhere else to attack people. I came to express certain things the best way I knew how. I never bothered with anyone else except when others started attacking me and so… Well, so I feel at peace with myself over that.

  18. Now, I didn’t browse this place or any other place for 10 days and that was real good. It’s like I said, I wanted to freeze George out of my experience. I still do but I chose to come here tonight after having long negotiations with my ~angelic friends~… you know the ones who always tell me to post here…

    I thought if I gave them that tonight, they may be nice with me for the rest of the month… lol

    And now that I am here, I feel this sense of freedom that I never felt before in relation to this place. Because you know, it doesn’t matter what people say. And I ‘m even able to feel a bit of compassion towards them. I understand their motives for wanting to push me out. And that’s OK, because my God, of course I never wanted to use a blog or a forum to post messages to George. It was the way things happened. And in many ways it was what George wanted. And I suspect part of him enjoyed his fans attacking me over the years. And that’s one of the reasons that I ‘ve been so turned off by him for a long time now. I want a man who fights his own battles with me, if it has to come to that, not someone who uses his fans as some kind of revenge.

  19. And also, a lot of the things I said have been verified over time and beyond that, George has never come out to deny any of my claims, now has he?

    But now he’s got Twitter he can do it later tonight… non?

    I mean seriously, he can go and say

    1. Whether he used to make silent phonecalls to my phoneline for years or not

    2. Whether he remembers me from past lifetimes or not

    3. Whether he has been fantasizing about me for years or not

    4. Whether he has very strong feelings for me, love~hate~ love~ hate~love~hate or not

    5. Whether his feelings for me screw him up or not

    6. Whether he wants my sex{ in real as well as the fantasy stuff} or not

    7. Whether he actually tried to take revenge with that Easier Affair song/video or not
    {cause I exposed him on the PG forum}

  20. Of course he could go on Twitter and deny… but would he be telling the truth?…

    Just sayin’…

  21. Not that it matters too much now. Because him confirming any of the things I ‘ve said wouldn’t make feel any different now. I said on the other thread that I ‘m not pursuing a romantic relationship with him in this lifetime. And I ‘ve explained more than once why not.

    Of course if he did tell the truth, I ‘d feel he has more balls that I currently do but just that.

    Nor would I mind if I were wrong on any of the things I ‘ve said. It just does not matter. It was my experience for 17 years, that’s all.

  22. P.S: I don’t have any comment on the song or the interviews or his tweets because I haven’t read/heard any of it. I ‘m just not drawn at all to do so.

    P.P.S: I find it extraordinary that Remarkable and everyone else here hasn’t mentioned anything about the Japan earthquake and all the devastation that ensued. I think more about that than anything else at the moment.

  23. P.P.P.S: I should probably have added an 8. in the above list, and that would be whether he wants to marry me or not. But I thought better not cause, well no need to rub it in, you know?

  24. P.P.P.P.S: I actually hope I ‘m wrong on this one and George does not wish that. It’s not a nice feeling to know someone wants from you something you cannot give.

  25. I came here this morning cause I wanted to say something else that occurred to me last night but a little voice inside of me says “don’t say, don’t say”.

    I hate when that happens. I want to stop browsing again and since I said all that I did, I ‘d rather say this too so as not to carry it around. But then, maybe the little voice knows something I don’t and maybe it’s wiser not to.

  26. OK, I can say other things that has also occurred to me.

    First, the great thing that happened to me since I left is that I found a new therapist. Last time I was in therapy properly, meaning for longer than a couple of months, was when I was still living in London. So that was a long time ago. Since I came back home, at times that I felt vulnerable, I did start therapy again but only for a very short time. I couldn’t find anyone to connect with. But now I have and he’s interesting.

    Second, at this point I ‘m totally turned off by George again for reasons I explained in my original posts on this thread before leaving. So what I said last night about not caring much whether my psychic experience was real or not is connected to those reasons. And that’s a good thing, it means I ‘m not attached at all to the outcome of this 17 year experience. If there’s anything that truly interests me at this point is exploring my psychic ability deeper for the sake of the ability itself and not this connection with George. And also exploring myself on the whole with this therapist. Soul searching can be quite fascinating and if it were not for this George thing, I wouldn’t giver it another go. So kind of a silver lining there for me again.

  27. Is George so busy that he has stopped twitting ??? If so…it might mean something really nice and that st special might be just around the corner ….yeah !!!

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