True Faith #1 in Amazon CD Singles Chart

Well, no-one has heard the record yet, but True Faith, the new George Michael single for Comic Relief, is already #1 in the UK Amazon CD Singles Chart, after only one day on the chart.


1 day in the top 100
True Faith
True Faith

George Michael (Artist) | Format: Audio CD

Release Date: 14 Mar 2011
Available for pre-order

Price: £4.00

You can check a live status of the chart, to see what’s currently selling.

Of course, this chart doesn’t necessarily reflect how well the record will do in the main UK singles chart, because so much of that is downloads. Still, #1 in the Amazon CD Singles sales chart from pre-orders alone is hopefully a good sign of the record charting well when it’s released.


9 thoughts on “True Faith #1 in Amazon CD Singles Chart

  1. I ‘ve just realized something, this pic is cracking me up. He’s trying so hard… lol

  2. Well done George. Cant wait to hear what you have done with this. Now for a Tour – please🙂

  3. Can’t wait to here George’s version I hope he’s in the video too Hi remarkable long time no speak x

  4. Lots of drug users in the world. And the world full of songs about drug use that never accomplish anyone. Cause people keep releasing them and people keep doing drugs.

  5. I was talking on the phone to this lady therapist yesterday. She was on a helpline for friends and families of drug users. I called to see if she had anything helpful to say to me. Maybe something I hadn’t thought of.

    After hearing me out, she said that George is too intimately involved with drugs right now and that all of my words are falling on deaf ears.

  6. She said it’s like a relationship. He is showing more commitment to drugs than to anyone else in his life.

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