True Faith – Why George Recorded This Song

After the announcement that George Michael was releasing a version of the New Order song, True Faith, there has been some speculation about the reasons why he recorded this song. The answer is simple – the lyrics speak to his own experience, in particular with drugs: the reasons why he has used drugs, and what they do for him.  The lyrics are a little cryptic. Here’s my interpretation in plain English. I hope it clears things up a little…

The Story Of True Faith

When I’m high on drugs, it feels so good, and I feel free: free to live life the way I want. I know it’s dangerous for me to take drugs, in fact they could kill me, but the truth is that I don’t think I really care if I die.  Maybe I’ve taken too many drugs, though. They can cost you more than money.

I used to think I could handle the drugs, and that I’d never become addicted to them. But now the drugs are the most important thing in my life. Without drugs, though, I’m scared by what I see in the world.

I’m not the only one. Lots of people take drugs to escape the worries they have about their lives and their problems.

The problem, for many of us who take drugs, is that we can’t control it.  We take too many and become addicted. I spent a lot of money on drugs, and really what they did was waste my time and my life.  With all that said, I’m still here… still alive. Who knows where I’m going from here? Everyone seems to expect so much of me, and I just don’t have any answers.


There you have it, then – real laugh a minute stuff! Interesting choice for a Comic Relief song. I wonder if the video will be as funny as the song…

13 thoughts on “True Faith – Why George Recorded This Song

  1. Dear George, please do not take any more drugs. It is not healthy, i mean if you want to live…Take Care, kisses from me.

  2. I used to like that song ages ago…

    …an interesting combination of such a light or light-hearted melody, and the lyrics which are so not light.

    On one hand – it is a little bit surprising choice of song from George, on the other – I can very well imagine/hear him singing it.
    For sure – it is going to be good.


    Every day can be bright and sunny without drugs, …even in London, belive me!
    There is nothing you should be afraid of!
    Be good to yourself and give it a serious try, please…

  3. The problem is that everyone knows all that the song describes already-in relation to George’s struggle with drug-dependency but also in relation to a any drug-addict’s journey through addiction.

    And anyway, it is not about the drugs. People don’t just develop drug addiction because of some chemical imbalance in their brain. I know many in the scientific community believe that but it’s such a short-sighted view.

    The real issue is relationships. Relationship with yourself, your family, your lover, the world.

    I ‘m sure people have hurt George. But at this point in his life I was hoping he would seriously be considering about the way he too has hurts others and see what he can to to heal situations.

    Maybe the video is more honest than the song, I don’t know. But even if that’s true, people will be exposed to the song on its own on the radio etc… in itself and by itself the song is nihilistic and even self-indulgent. Which is why I still think it’s a mistake. He is a gifted song writer and he could maybe have put some effort into writing and releasing his own song.

    Although if you ask me, I don’t think singing can do the trick. I think he needs to talk. And not just once. He needs to talk things through- as long as it takes. And not so much with a therapist-though that would help if the therapist was any good- but mostly with the people in his life he’s struggling with. Or the person. He knows.

  4. Here we go again, u seem to know so much ….and yet u know nothing about George’s life …and maybe u spoke to him in your dreams lol …omg …how long do we have to endure this posts !!!

  5. @Sunshine

    Here’s an idea: Talk to Pippi and to a few others and see if you can form a support group: OverJealous Anonymous.

  6. @ Elena ….psychopaths may benefit as much as others from psychological treatment, at least in terms of effect on behavior. According to Hare, the consensus among researchers in this area is that psychopathy stems from a specific neurological disorder which is biological in origin and present from birth, i am afraid you have got this one, please Elena , look for professional help before it is too late for u , u are well dear , u have a personality disorder and i wish your parents or the people around you helped u a bit and u could see reality , fianlly …please seek for help for ur poor mind

  7. @Sunshine

    If anyone’s got a poor mind, that’s you who is ignorant of your own insane jealousy.

    And anyway, if you knew shit about psychology or psychiatry you would know that George suffers from a great number of pathological conditions, some of them very severe.

    Now you happen to be a fan and listen to his music. So what does that say about you?

    Also, get this, I ‘m not here for you, nor is it you who decides who posts here and who doesn’t.

  8. Wish u get out of here for good Elena, u are just a pack of nonsense with ur sick mind

  9. get treatment , before it is too late …please …do it for ur parents and if u don’t wanna do it for yourself ….i feel sorry for u u…u are desperate to reach George and yet u have no chances

  10. Interesting that some people need drugs at all to “feel free” or feel “the way they want”. What’s money when you risk your bloody life?

    Seems to me that taking more and more drugs is something like skydiving when you try to open the parachute later and later to get the kick, and at some point it was too late and you dive into the earth to watch to radish from downstairs. What’s the point? Play with your money, dude, but not with your life.

  11. good to you, remarkable! This is the main perspective we should adopt for George. The irony..

    In the past, he used to think, to hope there’s a difference betwen they and him. But it was the same old same old… Just like the other…, finally no distinction, just like w. Huston, e. john or thousand of artists drowned into drugs, addicted to it. NOOOOO DIFFERENCE ! And that almost “kills” George Michael, who all of his life thought he was different, different to anything. And now he discovered he is just like THE OTHERS. A nobody! A pure of nobody.

    maybe this tipe of putting the True Reality of his life could bring him to a wake of real an natural morning sun, just like a normal man he used to be, and that God originally crated him, like created everyone.

    keep on that, remarkable. i count on you. good to you!

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