True Faith For Comic Relief

OK, so the new George Michael single, True Faith, is a cover of the New Order song. All proceeds from sales of the record and the video will go to the charity Comic Relief 2011. The video will premiere in a couple of weeks. For now, you can watch the original New Order song…

It will be great to see what George has done with the song –  I’m expecting it to be pretty damn good!

30 thoughts on “True Faith For Comic Relief

  1. This song…

    Check the lyrics…

    Whoever wrote that was deff not feeling very well at the time…

  2. Even the artwork on the CD is… well, either irony or… I mean you can’t see the “light in the shade of the morning sun”… esp wearing shades… In fact, if you are in the shade, what do you need sunglasses for?

    The lyrics are full of such contradictions that render the song almost incoherent…

    And anyway, what’s comic about that? Aren’t you supposed to do something funny for Comic Relief? Unless he’s changed lots of the lyrics or something…

    I actually laughed thinking him singing this to Kenny… you know “You took my time and you took my money…”


    Mind you, that would be terrible

  3. Even the title… There’s nothing about the lyrics that could inspire True Faith…

    Actually, I just thought of something… Could “morning sun” be the slang name of some drug?


    I hope there’s some positive twist to this cause otherwise… ?!?!

  4. @Amazone

    You actually like this look eh?

    I wonder how many people do… I don’t but OK, if he likes it, it’s his face after all… I just find it very unnatural… and I wonder about the cheekbones… I know he lost some weight last year but that’s just not… I mean George’s natural bone structure doesn’t give that look… And even if he’s using lighting and make up to achieve such a pronounced result, it’s still…

    Anyway, as long as he’s not on some new designer drug…

  5. The more I think of it the more I feel the whole thing is irony… bitter irony.

    I ‘m getting a funny sense of deja-vu…

  6. I ‘ve never watched the video to this song and I couldn’t watch it on YouTube now to see if it elaborates on the subtext and in what way exactly{for some reason my Internet connection is acting up again.}

    But then I found this and I think that’s it, my suspicions have almost been confirmed:

    “The original lyrics included a verse that read ‘Now that we’ve grown up together/They’re taking drugs with me’. Hague convinced Sumner to change the latter line to ‘They’re afraid of what they see’ because he was worried that otherwise it would not get played on the radio. When performing the song live, the band have always used the original line.”

  7. @George

    I really have to go now… but I ‘m gonna tell you this before I do. I ‘ve been picking up the “Green” vibe again. I ‘ve also been picking up a “David” vibe. So either David is thinking of me big time… OR you are thinking of David in connection to me.

    I really hope I ‘m wrong… really really hope I ‘m wrong but just in case I ‘m right as I have often been, why should you care if I like or even fancy David? Aren’t you gay and in a relationship with Kenny?… at least last time I checked…

    I would be happy if you found someone to be happy with, be it a man or a woman. I was hoping you could feel the same for me when and if that happens.

  8. @Elena
    It’s really not possible for you to just write one message and leave it at that, is it?


    I remember when this song came out, actually, and loving it on various dance floors. It will be very interesting to hear what he’s done with it. I’m excited.

  9. @Chris

    You don’t have to read them.

    By the way, next time you address me you might as well have the balls to show your face. Anonymous bashing is for ******* cowards. If you are a regular here, as I expect you to be, you know very well who I am.

    Oh and you are excited that George is about to release a song about drug-dependency? What are you on? Crack? Ecstacy? Speed? All of that together and then some?

  10. @George

    This Chris person is trying to annoy me. Which reminds me of you.

    By the way, when you are high and you fantasize about me, your vibe is like rape.

    So what is it, by trying to dominate/humiliate me in your mind, you are feeling better about yourself?

  11. @George

    It makes me cry sometimes. But not that you would know what that means… when was the last time you allowed yourself to cry?

  12. @George

    One more thing about those cheekbones. Your friend from Wham had them naturally. You always had cheeks naturally. Really cute ones. But you hate them, huh? I guess you must think that you are more desirable when you adopt an “edgier” look. Well, who knows, if you were really that, maybe it ‘d work. But it doesn’t in the end… except for people who are as high as you on God knows what…

  13. @George

    You know the things I said on the other thread… I was prepared though… I knew you would sooner or later do something to upset me. The more I open my heart to you, the more you try to push me away. Then I push you away and your energy comes running back to me… It’s like you have this subconscious programming that Love equals pain/arguments/fights.

    I know you have this terrible fear… if you reach out to me on the earth plane and if we meet and if we hit it off, you are scared that someone else will come along and steal me from you.

    I could say to you that is that two people who love/trust each other are invincible together. But then you ‘d probably say something about the Trojan War… wouldn’t you?

    I have told you before, I only get the vibes, I don’t have proper memories. But one day I will. Until then, I will not take on board anyone else’s version of events. Deff not Homer’s.

    I also need to tell you that I don’t regret all of the angry things I have said about/to you over the years. Some yes, I wish I hadn’t said them but lots of other stuff I ‘m glad I did even if you hated me for it. I was just trying to wake you up.

    I will leave now… I have to go away and pray… there’s still time to cancel this release… and choose a better future timeline than the one you ‘re currently on… I ‘ve seen the future on this one and it doesn’t look good.

    P.S: Faith is a precious attribute of holiness… don’t use the word so carelessly…


  15. Wow, look at Pippi’s reaction! And I really didn’t say anything negative. Quite the opposite. I was just pointing things out to everyone here but also to George because I felt so weird when I read about the song… And as I said last week on the Off-Topic thread, I was feeling unwell and thought something major was being activated in relation to George…

  16. As for the whole thing about his new look in the past 10 months or so, I think it reveals a lot about him… and not always good stuff. I ‘m glad I addressed it. And the thing is, it’s not just his face that looks unnatural, I saw a couple of photographs where the bones in his chest stuck out. My bones stick out too but that’s my natural built… whereas George, it’s not… I found that alarming at the time because again, I felt that maybe he was severely dehydrated or something due to unhealthy diet or some drug he is on… Plus the vibes I ‘ve been getting the entire year that point to continued drug use even though he mentioned he was seeking help to sort himself out…

  17. Anyway, I ‘ve known George from different lifetimes, there’s so much shared history between us, it’s very hard for people to appreciate… I need to be reminded of that every time people attack me…

    But also, I think it would be helpful for the person above who says she hates negativity to take one good look in the mirror…

  18. @Chris

    You didn’t tell me though… what is it about this song that you love so much?

  19. @Elena, if u really knew George , you would not need to come here and to talk to him….u sound more like a stalker to me …i’d be so worried for u if u were my daughter , it is time for u to let go and stop with all this rubbish

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