Faith Re-Issued, But Why?

Here’s an update on progress for Sony’s re-issue of George Michael’s first solo album, Faith…

  1. The album was re-issued
  2. Almost no-one noticed, the few that did, don’t care
  3. World keeps spinning on its axis

Hardly a surprise given there has been no interesting promotion, and twenty million people around the world who wanted this album already have it.

I wonder if Sony will cancel plans for re-issues of George’s other old albums now? Unless there’s some kind of interesting angle that will get a new audience interested, there’s really no point moving forward with these re-issue projects.

17 thoughts on “Faith Re-Issued, But Why?

  1. I absolutely agree. The bonus tracklist makes no sense. Overpriced crap with no promotion. What a waste.

  2. Sad to agree with you , and there i had dreams of getting the LWP Vol2 as a bonus disc with the LWP Reissue.

    what a fool believes …..

  3. LWP Vol 2 doesn’t really exist. The completed songs for that album have already been released (Red Hot and Dance etc), and the partly finished ones that were any good were totally re-worked over the years (i.e. kept the melody, but changed the lyrics and arrangement) and have also been released.

  4. Can u please give more info about the LWP vol. 2 , many fans like me have no idea as to what really happened to it.

    If you get time to this it would be awesome.

    The songs I know about are –
    Too Funky
    Do you really want to know
    Happy (you’re a low life, daughterofasonofabitch !!!)
    Disco ???

    Are there any other songs that can be added to this list ?

  5. I think the LWP Vol II morphed into other songs along the way, like Remarkable says. I’ve only heard a few of the demos. So Damn Hard, Lonley Nites, Day & Nite, 3 or 4 tracks with no name other than “Track 1”, “Track 2” etc, as well as Disco, Pieces… the two latter only instrumentally.

  6. Simply defies all logic. I’ve been trying to think of stuff they could have released instead that hardcore fans and others alike would actually want to buy and came up with loads (as did most of you I’m sure). All the ureleased demos/bonus tracks/alternate versions related to each album, a best of live performances over the years (C2C and charity appearances) and more. Just release Unplugged for God’s sake (with the songs that didn’t make the broadcast of course)!

    No. Instead they want people to fork out money for an album which everyone owns already and doesn’t gain much from a ‘remaster’ (unlike in case of the Beatles). Or they want us to pay for the *same* song released as a Christmas single two years in a row bundled with previously released songs. WHO’S IN CHARGE OF THIS FARCE?

  7. GYM: Very well said GYM!!! I agree. I am also thinking whether George agreed with this or he was bound to it by his Sony contract at the time.

  8. @Remarkable

    People make mistakes, people change their minds…wouldn’t you say?

    Also, people find it easy to react and criticize after an event but while they could do something to prevent it from taking place, they generally sit there doing nothing.

  9. Anyway, to those who did buy and are now upset,I say: You knew what was coming. So if you don’t like what’s on offer or if you are not sure what every item listed is, don’t buy. Simple as that.

  10. @Remarkable

    By the way, what’s the status of Calliope Iris at the moment on this blog?

    In terms of username?

  11. @Remarkable

    I was gonna ask about my IP too but I don’t have an Internet connection at home anymore.

    Perhaps you can tell me anyway.

  12. There are no filters on the name Calliope Iris on this blog, nor on the IP address. If the messages are flagged as spam, it’s a thing.

  13. The reason is quite simple. as an audiophile I can attest to the fact that the original Cd recording was crap. Tape hiss because of the time period in which issued.
    Anyway, all albums that reach the sales status of Faith always seem to be reissued.
    Can’t wait to hear True Faith.

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