George’s First Interview – Thursday 16 Dec

George Michael will won’t give his first radio interview since his jail time this Thursday, 16 December on BBC Radio 2 between 5pm and 7pm.  The show’s host is Simon Mayo…

@simonmayo tweeted:

So that’s George Michael on the show, Thursday. I’ll drive.

about 4 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone


@simonmayo tweeted:

What a surprise. George Michael cancels. What a reliable artist he is. Happy Christmas George.

about 6 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

Not that Simon Mayo thinks he’s more important than he is or anything😉 The good news, people, is – you don’t have to sit through two hours of his radio show now! You know, Simon Mayo is supposed to be a devout Christian.  That wasn’t a very Christian tweet of his, IMO. He has no idea what’s going on with George…

So, why did George cancel?  I have no idea. It might be because he doesn’t listen to Radio 2 (George prefers listening to Magic and Heart – don’t ask me why!) and so thought Chris Evans was still presenting Drivetime.  When he found out he’d be talking to Simon Mayo and not Chris (who he likes talking to), he most likely changed his mind…


30 thoughts on “George’s First Interview – Thursday 16 Dec

  1. thank u , George!
    I can’t wait to hear it ….i wish u a merry Xams and to Remarkable too and all ur families xx

  2. It seems it’s been cancelled. I still love you George!!!! Whatever you do is fine with me. I have complete faith in you. I guess I’m a true fan, lol
    btw, is remarkable David Austin?…

  3. Oh come on you can’t really blame Simon Mayo for being seriously annoyed with George. It really is very simple George, if someone ask you to come on their show and you are not sure who presents the show (if this is indeed the reason)then you could spend 3 minutes of your life googling that show before you commit. or if the task of googling something is to much work for you, get someone to do it.. (roll eyes)

  4. It is not so hard to imagine what sort of questions George would be asked, if he went for that interview.

    …I would cancel too.

    George knows best whether/when he is ready for it or not.
    This is his decision, seems fully understandable and should be respected.

  5. @Moonchild

    I do blame Simon Mayo for being annoyed in public. He would have done better to keep his thoughts to himself in this case.

    I wasn’t being serious about George not knowing who he’d be talking to. I’m sure he did.

    I was being serious about it not being a big deal that George has canceled this interview. What’s to get annoyed about? George gave them plenty of notice – it’s hardly a last-minute cancellation.

    I was being serious that it’s not very helpful, or pleasant, of Simon Mayo to be unkind about this.

    I was being serious that he’s wrong in his assessment of George as being unreliable.

  6. @Remarkable, I know you weren’t serious about George now knowing who’s show- being an avid reader of you faboulous blog- it is, and I did wonder why he would choose Simon Mayo’s show as his first public appearrence since you know he got out of prison. Still I can sympthatise with Simon Mayo, whether or not he should air that frustration on Twitter is another matter..

  7. @Moonchild
    I wonder why you sympathize with Mayo,funny last name by the way, and not with George. I think Remarkable’s theory that George probably thought it was Chris Evans who was running the show can be very possible. If George thought Evans was the presenter there was no reason for him to google who was the presenter.. so most likely someone told him that Mayo was the presenter once he had already committed and then changed his mind. I don’t blame him. If Mayo were respectful with George he wouldn’t have gotten upset, maybe frustrated but not upset. So this is prove that George did well canceling . Specially since this would have been the 1st interview after going to prison. I too would want to make sure I feel comfortable with the person asking me questions. Why are you so harsh with George? Has he canceled many interviews before?
    I think this also shows that George is eager to do an interview and to get out there and talk and that he is in good spirits and that probably he acted out of an impulse on this.. It’s good he is being careful.
    OK , I could write a doctoral dissertation on this topic, please someone stop me now!!!!! I really love to analyze this kinds of things. I think I’d be good at this for a living , lol too late now.

  8. I trsut George in everything he does , he knows people in that industry better and he is a man who is very wise and i trust him 100%. i wanna marry him ,…pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….let’s have a big family …time is running out for both my love !

  9. @Sunshine, Why am I being harsh with George? Well, I just think that when you commit to something like a radio show one day you can’t just change your mind the next, if I was in Simon Mayo’s shoes I would be annoyed too. And it’s not like Simon Mayo made some awful, uncalled for personal attack, he just expressed his frustration, that’s all. So he called him unrealiable, could think of worse things to call someone.
    I don’t know George’s reason for pulling out but it does makes me wonder what changed from Monday afternoon to Tuesday morning? Im sorry but i just can’t see why SM is suppose to be bad guy here? Just my opinion.

  10. @Monnchild:

    Ok, OK.. I get it! I don’t agree but I hear you !!
    Oops, it looks like there are 2 Sunshines here!

  11. @Sunhsine:
    We shouldn’t change our names.. it can be fun for people to try to guess which one is which, don’t you think? LOL. xx

  12. when I first read the news (bbc interview) I was sure that it will not take place….why?because there were no ufficial web site no paper,nothing (except on SM’s twitter page) that affirmed an interview of George on radio…I was not convinced of the whole thing…then I was not surprised to read (again on SM’twitter page only) that the interview won’t take place
    for me it is bizarre…
    in any case I trust in George, whenever he decides to be intervied somewhere by someone it will mean that he is ready , ready to tell lots of ‘interesting’ things…I think now it is not the moment…
    Happy Christmas George, God bless you…

  13. @Remarkable

    Of course he did! Thursday was the day Julian would most probably walk free-which he did. He knew everybody would be totally engrossed by that. Not a good day if George was hoping to capture a headline or two!

  14. calliope iris wrote:

    Oh no, no, I don’t need to know… I mean really, no need to feel embarrassed on anything.

    Seriously, subject closed.



    IF you happen to read this please react as soon as you can!!!

    There is a very agressive spammer on GM official site. IT has a post count of about 1200 right now.. and it is not going away. I’ve tried flooding admins inbox with messages but they don’t respond. If you have a way to contact them , send them a text message or something.. please let them know so they can delete it.


  16. Remarkable, I don’t know if you had anything to do with this.. but shortly after I sent you this msg the admin came in and took care of he spammer. SO it’s all good now.

  17. Everything is falling apart, Europe, the USA.. be warned and if you have money keep it !!

    if you don’t just boycott everything!!

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