George Michael To Be US X-Factor Judge?

The rumor mill has been swirling. Can it be true? Has George Michael signed up to be a judge on the forthcoming US version of X-Factor (a new Simon Cowell show, that’s similar to American Idol)? Perhaps he’s been offered the gig, but is yet to make up his mind?

Assuming he’s been approached, the question is – should George be a judge on X-Factor?

In true reality show tradition, YOU decide! Please vote in he poll below, and feel free to leave a comment with your opinions too…

15 thoughts on “George Michael To Be US X-Factor Judge?

  1. Interesting results so far. I voted – Yes! Obviously I’m in the minority in thinking it would be a fun thing for George to do (probably better as a guest judge than a permanent fixture – always leave ’em wanting more etc.).

    Also, being a guest judge is a good excuse for having George perform on the show…

  2. First I thought no way so I voted no but now I think differently. I think he could go either way. If George becomes an X factor judge he will raise the bar. He brings a quality stamp to everything he does:) It may be good for the music industry and he can influence the course of it for good. Plus, I think even if he denies it I think that he likes the spotlight, so I would rather see him on X factor than on tabloids. This can also be good for American audiences, seeing him every week would remove a bit the GM myth because they never see him.. so he would become more familiar in the US and people would get used to him and love him. ANd plus, it would be great so see him on TV on a weekly basis. TO tell you the truth I have never watch any talent show, I don’t have patience.. but if George does it I will watch🙂

  3. @Remarkable

    OMG, this is the mother of all nons! Equally so, whether it’s just wishful thinking on Cowell’s part or George actually goes ahead with it.

  4. @Remarkable

    OK, you don’t have to say… I just think you need to relax, take one day at a time and spend lots of time outdoors preferably by a lake or river… {I would suggest the ocean as well but it could get rather aggravating this time of year…}…

    It’s time you tried something new…

  5. @Calliope Iris

    I’m shocked, and a little saddened, that you consider speculation about the rather weak rumor that George may (or more likely, may not) be appearing as a guest judge on the forthcoming US version of X Factor, to be the “mother of all nons”. Shocked. Saddened. And yes, I’ll admit it, even hurt.

  6. @Remarkable

    I really didn’t mean to hurt you… but truth does hurt sometimes… you know that…

    It also sets you free… eventually…

    So let’s practice a bit of truthing… how about you telling your readership that “Remarkable” is short for “Agent Provocateur Remarkable” {pronounced a la française}… and that in reality you ‘ve been working for puppet masters Cowell & Fuller for a long long time…

    And so you have been involved in this great sinister plan also known as “Operation Dumb And Dumber”… a little game/bet of sorts between the two aforementioned Simons{who behind the scenes are best of friends naturally…} to dumb down the english speaking world by churning up shows like Pop Idol and X-Factor which of course include subliminal messages, aimed at mind controlling the masses… while at the same time getting all real talent out of the way…

    Your role is mainly to mount sting operations pushing George to do things he would never EVER consider in the past… Your blog entries help towards that direction in oh so many subtle ways…

    But of course, the question here is why would George succumb… Well, he’s been feeling rather fragile for a long time… hasn’t he… he’s even gone on national TV {2006} to say that he smokes joints because it is the only way for him to feel sane and happy… I guess when you are feeling like you are losing your mind and your career has suffered a few setbacks over the years and loneliness and gripping fear take hold of you it is rather easier for subversive elements to approach you and even convince you that doing certain things is the only way out of this mess…

    And the other question of course is, why would *you* offer your services to the SS {short for the two Simons}… could it be the name???

    Or… have they been using the same tactics on you? I ‘ve been wondering about that and that’s why I mentioned crack yesterday…

    Is Cowell your master AND dealer??

  7. @calliope iris:
    I think Remarkable’s last post is a complete tease. I grew up with 2 brothers and this sounds like a joke a guy would typically enjoy doing to a sensitive girl. He’s not upset with you he pretends just to tease you. I might be wrong..

    I watched a video with Cowell yesterday.. OMG , I am sorry if I offend anybody by saying this but what an arrogant guy.. I just want him to shut his mouth, he’s annoying.. If George does this I don’t think I will watch it. I changed my mind. + I don’t have patience for singers.. besides George and couple of other ones…
    I agree with you Calliope. Thumbs up!

  8. Can he even go to the US, having been convicted and jailed for drug-related offenses? Aren’t the US, say, a little bit strict on that kinda thing?

  9. Found this on the Us embassy london website.. I wonder if work is enough of a reason to be granted entry to the Us?

    An arrest or conviction does not mean that a traveler is forever barred from traveling to the United States. It does, mean, however, that s/he is required to apply for a visa in order for a consular officer to review his/her case and make a determination on visa eligibility. Travelers with arrests or convictions may be ineligible on criminal grounds and if that is the case will require a waiver of their ineligibility so that they can travel. Factors included in the decision to recommend a waiver would include: the severity of the crime that created the visa ineligibility; the duration of the visit they intend to make; the reason for the trip; and any humanitarian considerations. If you are in this situation, we suggest that you apply for a visa as soon as possible so that your case can be reviewed by a consular officer.

  10. Yeah, please let it be true i’d love my sweet Georgin to be a judge in X-Factor , so i could see him more often on tv …please please George do it , oh yes, please do it ….u know better than other jusges about music …Merry xmas everyonexx

  11. @Sunshine

    Thumbs up to you if you stick to what you just said there.

    And you know, slowly slowly things are changing… one person at a time. You see it in politics, now I ‘m beginning to see it in entertainment. People are getting fed up with all the BS.

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