The Comeback Starts Here

It seems, from the photos of Simon Cowell and Jonathan Ross leaving George Michael’s Highgate home on Monday night, that George Michael might be figuring out his first major appearance in front of the UK public since leaving jail.

The press speculation makes sense.  For sure, George would expect a “special” episode of any chat show he appeared on to talk about an event like this.  His previous preferred interviewer, Michael Parkinson, is: a) retired; and b) refused him a special episode for his most recent appearance.  Jonathan Ross is currently the biggest interviewer in the UK, but he was recently forced out of his job on the BBC, and is currently signed to ITV for future projects. George and Jonathan have some history – George pulled out of Ross’s BBC One show at short notice, leading to a rift between the two. However, they put their differences aside over dinner at The Ivy some time ago. So, they’re friends again, which is useful when doing this kind of interview.

Simon Cowell is a long-time fan of George.  He’s had him be the main attraction of the final’s of both American Idol in the US, and X-Factor in the UK. He regards him as an artist who has achieved everything that any artist could ever want to achieve in their career.  Cowell is also one of the biggest power brokers on the ITV network, with his shows being pretty much the only shows that get decent ratings on on the network.  So, if Cowell is on-side for an ITV project, George will know the show will get the attention George thinks it deserves.

However, this project is not without risk.  Almost all ITV programming is fucking horrible, lowest common denominator rubbish.  The challenge for George, Jonathan and Simon is to make any show they do together very different to  the network’s usual output…  So can ITV make a classy show?  Time will tell…

17 thoughts on “The Comeback Starts Here

  1. Not sure. Definitely, Simon Cowell and Jonathan Ross were at George’s house. I can’t see them going there together, purely for a social visit. More likely they were wanting to discuss some business together in private.

  2. @George

    Was that meeting your idea???


    Look, there’s only one way to damage control this. Issue a statement to say it was actually Kenny they came to visit.

  3. I was weak, please forgive me Georgios and give me a last chance for you to love and wait forever of you.

  4. @Amazone

    Hey, you don’t need *Georgios’* permission to wait for him forever… you can go ahead and do so… but you know, if you wait for him THAT long, then there ‘ll be no time to be with him because it’ll all be over, like the physical universe and all souls will go back to being ONE in eternity.

    Funny that George and many artists talk about that “waiting till the end of time” thing but if you analyze it, it really is a strange concept! I mean where’s the love you have for you if you subject yourself to that waiting forever torture and where’s the love that someone else has for you if they subject you to the same?

  5. @Amazone

    And you know, it took me a long time to work this out because of all my romantic notions… including the Twin Flame thingy. Now I am certain that my Twin wants me to be happy even if that means being happily married to someone else. And I feel the same for him.

    And before you ask me, no, I have no idea who my Twin is. I ‘ve just always felt that I have one. It could be a number of people either someone I ‘ve already connected with in this life or someone I will do so in the future.

  6. Remarkable,
    I got worried when I read about this meeting. I have a bad feeling about it. I also said it somewhere else.. I feel like George is a great musician and he doesn’t have to talk about recent events. I feel like the best is to not say anything and just make music. Then go for the interviews to talk about music. It isn’t anybody’s business what he went through.. It’s all about facts not words what he needs now in my opinion. We know what happened, what else there is to say? We understand it, we are all human, we all have flaws, that doesn’t have to do anything with music or him being a bad person. The only problem with my “approach” is that he has the Faith re-issue coming up and he’s gonna have to promote it and how to deal with it is a big challenge. Very delicate. I think that George needs an expert that doesn’t tell him what he needs to hear but what is best for him. Of course Cowell and Ross adore him, but are they good enough for him? That’s what worried me the most … and Ross has already made a mess saying that George is a role model.. that wasn’t the right thing to say at this particular time. He should have known this and be very, very careful to measure his words.
    George must be having such a hard time right now.. if I was him I would just want to disappear, make music and come back with it and not say a single word. Organize a concert, just make music and sing..

    Just my opinion.

  7. Also, the world goes on with or without him. It’s not like everybody is waiting for him. Sure his fans do, but … he doesn’t have to entertain us! I’m ok I can entertain myself with many things.. it’s not like I’m waiting or anything!!! Of course I’ll watch if he is on TV but this expectation shouldn’t have to be there in the 1st place. I wish people would just leave him alone. OMG, being a celebrity must suck.. I said earlier I’d take his money , no I wouldn’t. it must be so hard to be in the spotlight !!!

  8. well maybe it’s not such a good idea..
    what I was thinking is that George and Kenny should make a homemade video just for the fans. This would show to the haters that George doesn’t need them to like him, and that there is plenty of people who loves him. and + fans would love it!!!… the only thing is that the press would mess around with it.. but now that I think about it they will mess with anything he does…
    another idea would be a foil. Just do something totally out of the blue, for example have him voice over a whale documentary.. or show a day at the golf club and have him talk about his golf routines, see him happy having fun outside… or for example the opening of the new building for the Goss Michael foundation. This would be good because it’s in Dallas, it’s totally unrelated and he should be seen having a blast supporting Kenny.
    Just throwing it out there just in case someone picks it up and thinks it’s a good idea!

  9. @Sunshine

    I agree with a lot of what you are saying.

    Only that idea of George doing something unexpected by most people standards… well, it depends… For example, if he were to do a whale documentary, not because he cared about whales but just as a calculated move in order to get himself some good publicity, then I don’t think it would be particularly helpful. I think the vibration would be wrong for him again. Plus a lot of people would get the motive and would probably get very cynical. It could backfire.

    On the other hand, if he feels very strongly about something, whether it’s about music or something totally unrelated, then doing it spontaneously without even consulting his PR or lawyer or whoever he talks to these days, now that could turn into something wonderful.

  10. @Calliope Iris:
    “On the other hand, if he feels very strongly about something, whether it’s about music or something totally unrelated, then doing it spontaneously without even consulting his PR or lawyer or whoever he talks to these days, now that could turn into something wonderful.”

    You’re right. This is the way to go!! I love this.

  11. J R is more of a comic relief person, isnt’ he? I just dont’ see how this canrelated to George Michael right now.. perhaps I’m wrong about him bec. I’ve just seen a couple of his interviews..

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