George Michael Hires New Choreographer For New Song

Last night, on the stroke of midnight, The Legend That Is… George Michael left his home in Highgate, North London to visit his private dance studio at his second London home, a short distance away in Hampstead, North London.  George has hired a brand new choreographer, Rolly, and he was anxious to begin rehearsing a dance routine for his forthcoming new song “(I Just Wanna) Start Again” right away.

George’s best mate and childhood pal, David Austin, drove George, Rolly and George’s dogs to the Hampstead house which is situated on a secluded lane where there were no press waiting.  After David had made everyone a cup of tea, fetched George some takeaway pizza and some Haribo Starmix sweets, warmed a can of chicken and mushroom soup for the dogs, and seen the dance rehearsals get underway, he returned to Highgate, to let know Kenny know what was going on.

Rolly is working with George on a whole new dance style, said to be based on the 1960s and 70s street dance, “The Robot”, but brought bang up to date. It said to involve a lot of rolling around on the floor (Rolly’s speciality – hence his name), and spinning.

20 thoughts on “George Michael Hires New Choreographer For New Song

  1. George – Honey🙂

    The heart feels so much lighter and happier, knowing that you are finally back home – in your comfort zone.
    I am sure you are enjoying it like never before, and I hope it will stay that way.

    I can imagine you may be hungry for work after all this. I can also guess, many people will try now to push you and rush you into many work arrangements.
    But like many others, I would like to ask you George:

    Please, take some time off everything, try to really relax your mind a bit.
    Make sure you feel emotionally comfortable enough in “here and now”, before you sign up for new commitments.

    Work will not run away.
    And people who love you, will be there for you, will be patient and will give you as much time as you need.

    Remember: You are the most important George!

    At least once put yourself first and take a seriously good care of yourself and your health.


    And you can make it so much better then it was before.
    Just don’t be ofraid or shy to ask for help George.
    You are being loved and you are not alone.
    Start being good to your heart, look after it well, and every day will be brighter and happier for you!

    Now you know freedom is a treasure – enjoy it wisely…

    I would love to cuddle you so so much George…
    But as it may not be easy to do in person, so I am sending you virtually, the biggest and nicest cuddle,
    filled with lots of warmth and love!🙂
    Stay always safe and strong George!

    Whenever you need a hand …

    A xxx

  2. funny!!! the Rolly post I mean……

    I really hope that George will not feel any pressure, ‘starting’ again needs time and facing the past with courage (what George I suppose really have and showed so much …), there is no such hurry George…this very first time ‘out’ is the most important and I think it must be lived wisely….I hope George may feel and know that his fans (true and huge fans) are patient as always and that they love him and understand lots of things……take care of YOURSELF! think first of you!!

  3. I think it would be really cool to get an exact replica of George’s dogs Abby and Meg only that they would have to be trained specifically to do the rolls and the spinning. The clip of the song should involve humans as well as animals doing the Roll Dance. I think this is a very new concept for a clip and it would be the perfect way for George to come back to the scene. Don’t ya think?

  4. Also, the clip should be filmed at George’s and Kenny’s living room and there should be a cat chasing a bird at the very background. This would make the clip more dynamic and at the same time more cozy. You know what I mean?

  5. Sorry guys, I can’t sleep and I can’t stop making up stories about I Just Wanna Start Again clip. Here it goes:
    So we have George with his group of sexy dancers plus Abby and Meg side to side rolling around the floor of the living room. A cat chasing a bird on the back and Kenny sitting on the table sipping a glass of red wine while reading a book. This is the opening scene. Then suddenly Madonna’s toy boy Jesus Luz emerges from the TV screen topless and joins the dancers. He gets it on with George and Kenny doesn’t like it. Kenny punches Luz in the stomach and Luz falls flat to the floor. At this point everything gets dark with only the light of a disco ball that pops out the ceiling. The choreography changes and everybody starts spinning. Madonna appears dressed in leader and picks up his toy boy from the floor and they walk back into the TV screen. The cat is hanging from the curtains chasing the bird who sits quietly on top. Then Kenny joins the dancers and he is pretty damn good at it. Kenny and George start dancing together and they make and awesome duo. Meg and Abby get bored and run outside. The bird walks out the window flying free and the cat sits on the sofa quietly looking at George and Kenny do their sexy dance. THE END

  6. aaah ! the british (I assume) and their (so called) sense of humor. lol.

    PS – one day remi some bloody tabloid is going to print one of your stories as a true article.

  7. Yog, I think there’s no difference between what R. and the tabloids write. It’s the same thing, only that tabloids make it a bit more believable, if you let them🙂
    Today GM forums are down, bummer.. my name there is montse, say hello sometime. Ok ciao!

  8. @Yog

    Actually, a newspaper has reported on one of my posts. I wrote a piece saying that George and Kenny had signed over all their money, property and possessions to me, including their Highland Park, Dallas home, and the Dallas art gallery.

    A Dallas publication reported this shocking story!


    There are some big differences between what is written here, and what the press write. That differences include the fact that the posts here take the piss out of the articles about George in the tabloid press, and also usually contain some real information for those that want to look for it. For example, in this post, some of the pieces of information explain – what George is holding in some of the pics of him being driven away from his home, and who was driving George. I heard some people were wondering about both of those things.

  9. R:”That differences include the fact that the posts here take the piss out of the articles about George in the tabloid press.”
    S:Yes, this is why it’s fun to read your posts. When I said this blog is the same as a tabloid I meant that your stories are as made up as theirs. I didn’t realize your stories contained true information though, I thought that was made up too. I am not sure I am interested who drives George’s car on his way back home actually. I find it a bit creepy to get into these details. Bye now!

  10. Hey Remarkable. Sorry about my “creepy” comment! I understand some people close to him may find it interesting to know about those details. For me, all I wanna care about is his music. Having someone to get excited about is new for me. I have never followed anyone before. At the same time, it’s good to keep your feet on the ground. you know? you care about them, you wanna know they’re doing well, etc.. but at the end of the day, do they send you letters if you’re in trouble? or let you know how much they love you? nope, they don’t. I mean specifically you.. GM does show love to his fans in general.. Do they care what you’re eating for breakfast? I don’t think so. This is why I don’t want to care about that either. I have read some people’s comments who are really obsessed and it makes me sad, because I think they deserve better than that. You cannot hug a person who is not there, you know what I mean? But in any case, apologies for my bitter comment, and I will try to stay away from here, for the reasons I mentioned before. Take care.

  11. Then again, i’m not sure you deserve an apology. I don’t even know who you are. The cyberworld is driving me nuts!lol

  12. Well, Remarkable I was hoping you would redeem the male species for me and post some comment showing sympathy but I guess my gut was right the 1st time. No, I mean the 2nd time. The 1st time I thought it would be fun to make up stories together but since you failed to even comment on my mastery of the surreal genre, it was only left for me to follow female stereotypical behavior to feed your male psyche and position of privilege as George Michael’s confidant. At least I am hoping you take advantage of this to get laid more often, I hope so!

  13. I will always be concerned if George is well or not and in tough times I might as well get ill knowing that George is not well. When u love someone u don’t ask for anything in return , true love asks for nothing … true love is unselfish ,when i love sb i love them unconditionally , i just love with all my heart

  14. Pippi, I am glad you can do this. I love George Michael. He is wonderful and I wish I could love him like you but I can’t afford it. Perhaps you have somebody that loves you , but I don’t and if I love him this way I’m screwed.. maybe I’m wrong.. I’m sorry I made a mess in here. I made a fool of myself. I hate this!! and now all GM friends, and himself are gonna read this crap. Ok, I admit I have a problem with men and sometimes I see myself with a gun. I’ve killed many of them in my mind. Yes, it’s bad like this. It’ll go away *hopefully*

  15. @Sunshine

    If I may ask, how long have you been practicing? I know you said you just started but “just” could refer to any number of different time frameworks.

    Many years ago, when still living in London, I went to some Ayuverda therapist and he suggested TM but in the end I decided against it. One of the reasons was the fact they charged quite a bit… which to me felt weird… given that in most spiritual traditions, meditation is taught for free or very little/donation.

    So I opted for Zazen instead.

    Also tried going to a Vipassana retreat but had to leave after four days. We had to take showers at four o’clock in the morning and to do so we had to walk out in the fields {where the showers were located}. I ended up with bronchitis and couldn’t get myself out of bed. The people in charge said the bronchitis was just my ego acting out. They were probably right but I was feeling so terribly ill so I left. Who knows what would have happened if I had stayed. Maybe I ‘d be a Buddhist nun up in Tibet now… chanting and praying…

  16. @Faylinn
    Hi, I just came back to this site since I wrote my last post, sorry for the delay.
    There’s a TM meditation center right around the corner from where I live. I just walked in and went to 2 orientation sessions which are free. To me it felt very weird that they asked me for so much money as well and I was very suspicious. So I asked them and they didn’t seem to think it was an issue saying that they had grants and scholarships, and so on..Other than that I thought that everything sounded very good, it’s not attached to any religion, and there is scientific proof of everything they say.. Many people practice it, even British congressman are now doing TM to help them relieve stress. (BTW, Paul Mc Cartney, Ringo Star, Moby, Clint Eastwood are some other famous people that practice TM!!) SO I told them look, I really need this because I am very stressed out it’s paralyzing me, and I don’t have any money, I’m looking for a job, can you help me? .. and they did! They gave me a full scholarship. It’s pretty rare, this was the 1st one they ever gave in that particular center but I dunno I guess I used my *magic*… So, I think I’ve been doing it now for almost a month and it’s been really good. You just do it 20 minutes twice a day and all the stress goes away, you have more energy and more active, you think more clearly and overall you are more positive, all the agressive energy I had went away.. but, you have to do it twice a day.. last week I kinda went off- rail and I noticed it a lot. Even close people noticed it. It’s amazing. It’s really good. I recommend it. This being said, once you learn the technique don’t stay there. They don’t force you to be involved in it, so you don’t have to. It’s really good to go to meetings just because you meditate with other people and it’s so powerful!! Last time we were like 50 and it was amazing. I slept so well that night and all my body got so relaxed, I don’t know how to describe it!! This type of meditation you describe seems not so good.. omg! you got bronchitis out of it.. don’t stay there!!! U have to be careful with this things there are so many fakes and weird people!! Just try TM, they have a lot of money.. They told me that the tuition goes to help other who can’t pay for it.. they bring it to schools for children as well.. and they want to spread it so the world becomes a better place. They say that if things go wrong is because of stress, so the less stress the better the world will be, and more peaceful…
    Hope this helps!!

    Sorry Remarkable, going off topic here!

  17. @Sunshine

    I dreamt of this place last night. I hadn’t browsed since I last posted and I wondered about it. But decided against coming. Then I saw that Amazone had posted something kinda weird on my wall on facebook. For some reason, even though not entirely connected, I saw it as a sign. So I just decided to browse just now and saw your reply- thanks.

    Good to know that it’s working for you and that you got that full scholarship. But I still don’t feel drawn to it. I think the meditation that worked best for me was Zazen. But it can be very powerful and one has to be ready for it. Then again, you don’t have to practice two hours at a time as I did back then. People can adapt it to their own needs and schedules. Even 15 mins a day is better than nothing.

    As for the other one, the Vipassana one, yes, that was definitely not for me, at least not at the time. But also, it was an actual 10 day retreat- a silent one too. We were not allowed to utter a single word during our time there and not even make eye contact with others. Now that’s kinda hard when you are starting out! But maybe it’s a good meditation for those with plenty of experience.

    I guess different techniques work for different people.

    Best of luck on your path!

  18. Yes, agreed. Different techniques work for different people. Yours sounds too intense for me. I just want things to stay the way they are only to have less stress. It’s working so far. Thanks for sharing!

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