Welcome Back!

George should be home soon. Welcome back!


Update: He’s now home.

5 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

  1. Yes, yes, finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…. he is safe and sound at home , i am so pleased that he is back in his cosy home and with all his friends and family …awwwwwwwwwww….xx

  2. welcome home George! a new start…again….I wish you all the best, you have shown courage and strenght…till now.a long way waits for you…hopefully not too hard…with not to much pressure….
    it’s a new dawn it’s a new day it’s a new life for me
    you’re feeling GOOD!!!!!

  3. I’m jealous of George, even in jail he was better off than most of us. I would gladly trade a month in prison for all the money he has. Sorry, I just had to let it out. I love you anyway!

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