George Michael Cancels Bail Application

George Michael’s legal team were due to ask the court to release him today on bail, pending a forthcoming appeal against his prison sentence.  However, the bail application has now been dropped.  That’s either because they thought they had no chance of getting bail today, or because George has changed his mind about wanting to appeal his sentence. (Update: the reason is that George has decided not to appeal)

It was never clear to me exactly what the grounds for any appeal were going to be. The press reports cited the reason as being that the sentence was “excessive”. However, in court, the judge had said that sentencing guidelines were clear, and that he had little choice but to hand down a prison sentence rather than community service.  The judge also said that he’d reduced the length of the sentence because of the evidence provided in mitigation at the hearing.  So, the problem for the appeal is that, assuming the judge didn’t made a mistake interpreting the guidelines, it’s hard to understand how the sentence could be regarded as “excessive”.  In other words, it seems pretty unlikely that any appeal, on this basis, would succeed.

8 thoughts on “George Michael Cancels Bail Application

  1. If this is true, they need to be careful. At the moment I think there is a fair ammount of sympathy for George amongst the general public…I have a feeling this would evaporate if George was seen to be trying to get away with a lighter sentence just because he’s rich enough to employ the best lawyers. He would come out of this smelling of roses, if he just kept his head down, did his ‘bird’ like a good boy and didn’t expect any privilages!

  2. @Caff ~

    I totally agree with your comment. George and his legal team know what they are doing …

    Just living on the Faith, that George be released earlier then the four weeks ~ without having to go through appeals.

  3. Don’t know about sympathy, everybody say all around “he is a criminal” and he deserves prison, public generally, even some fans, only don’t know what they mean by that when calling George “criminal”.
    Sure judges think something the same.
    Hopefully they did the right thing to give up on appeal.

  4. @ Lil…By ‘sympathy’ I mean more along the lines of how the press, mostly ‘The Sun’, are treating him…all these stories gloating about how he is sobbing his heart out etc. Any one with the barest minimum of human compassion would feel sorry for him, surely? He has done wrong, the court have passed a sentence, the same as they would have done for anyone else, no one disagrees with that. But honestly…the Pope is in England today, and has stired up a fair bit of controversy already due to sex scandals within the Catholic Church etc, so there are demonstrations and even death threats against him. Is HE on the front page of ‘The Sun’? No…it’s George…AGAIN!!! Couldn’t believe that today!! Those b*stards would only be happier if George were dead…that would give them headlines for a week at least! I think that is where that rag could seriously shoot themselves in the foot…keep up the campaign against George and he becomes ‘the underdog’, all the nasty papers picking on him etc. That’s where the sympathy is I think?

  5. he’s right !

    the other side of “the desire to be seen” …

    he couldn’t help and he hoped there was a difference between they and him .. . But THERE WASN’T !! NOTHING !!!

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