‘Cos You Gotta Have Faith Ah Faith Ah Faith Ahhh

Well, we have a positive sign from George’s prison cell. Unconfirmed reports say that George asked prison officers for a guitar to have with him in his cell.  His request was declined (for one thing, guitar strings can be lethal weapons). Still – if it’s true, I think it’s a sign George is coming to terms with being locked up for a few weeks, which hopefully means the worst might now be behind him.

Rumors that George said, “If I have to listen to those cunts singing my songs, the least they can do is listen to my terrible guitar playing. In fact… wait… Guards!!! Fuck it! Bring me my VIOLIN!” are probably untrue, given I just started them…

20 thoughts on “‘Cos You Gotta Have Faith Ah Faith Ah Faith Ahhh

  1. They should make you the resident reporter on “George Michael In Jail, 2010” and give you exclusives on what’s up😉

  2. In fact, I ‘m sure George has got his little note pad out as we speak where he writes down the names of his female fans in order of loyalty… like, you know, who has written the most heartfelt letter, who has been more active on the forums, who this and who that… lol

  3. No, I ‘m not “jalous” nor jealous. I just give myself the right to make occasionally fun of certain situations in the same way that George has done with… you know, his songs! How many times has he tried to upset people in his songs?

    How many times….

    And in the same way that some people here have tried to make fun of me over the years. Duh.

    I would be very happy if George married on of his female fans one day. I think that would be very… appropriate. They are on the same frequency.

  4. And how hypocritical for Remarkable to talk about lack of empathy! As if he’s ever shown any empathy himself ever! Or is it selective empathy!

    The fact of the matter is that George brought all this to himself. People may be making fun of him and calling him a wimp but what do you expect, George has been very arrogant all his life. Then he gets 4 weeks in jail and instead of thanking his lucky stars it wasn’t worse, and take it like a man, he tries to get out of it once again! Almost immediately too… Of course they ‘ll say what they are saying!

    And also, why don’t you take your angst out on Remarkable who’s been inviting people to come here and post George Michael jokes for crying out loud!!! Not to mention all the ‘funny” entries he has posted over the years in which George comes across as a bafoon. And Terri, too, with her silly diaries. But again, many GM fans were laughing with all that. So if his own fans laugh, how could anyone expect any better from the non-fans?

  5. Oh Pepi… come off it. First of all, my comment was to Remarkable, not you. Second of all, you’re the one who told his dad face to face that George “wasn’t really gay”. What do you call that, except totally inappropriate?

    What Remarkable and I have written online over the years is quite innocent by comparison. How often do you see me do anything related to George these days, anyway? You, on the other hand, have on several occasions behaved like a spoiled, self-obsessed little c*nt who clearly thinks she has all the answers – and obviously thinks the female fan George should marry is you. Yeah… of course he would.

    I can imagine it’s not just me you’ve bored half to death with all your f*cking rants since what feels like the beginning of time. Just come off it. Really. I used to feel sorry for you, because you’re clearly not quite with it, but I’m over it.

  6. @Terri

    Well, that’s the thing, you are not over it, are you…

    “spoilt self-obsessed little c*nt who clearly thinks she has all the answers”

    Darling, you are describing yourself now.

    No, I never said to his dad that George wasn’t really gay. You are confusing me with someone else here. But even if I had, it is not an insult in any way. I ‘m sure his dad feels the same deep down.

    Acceptance is good when it is real and not drug-induced.

    So you used to feel sorry for me because… LOL Spare me the sympathy… I ‘m just an unrecognized genius, that’s all.

  7. @Remarkable

    I thought you would. And quite appropriately so. I mean, imagine, with all the time and effort you put into those entries, if you at least didn’t think of them as funny!!!

    OK, I admit, maybe one or two were truly so…

    I ‘m sure even George must have giggled occasionally.

  8. @Terri

    Now, wait a minute… about that meeting with his dad… I think maybe I did say something when asked… It was definitely Caprice who blurted it out first… as well as couple of other things about George’s behavior… and then… I ‘m trying to remember now, did his father ask me what I thought about that and I said, in a softer tone, that he may not really be gay…?

    I kinda remember this now but I am not absolutely certain either…

    Did I tell you that I had said that?

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