George Michael – The Lack Of Empathy Is Sickening

Reading the various comments from members of the public, on the topic of George Michael’s jail sentence on various newspaper web-sites, is not a pleasant experience. I recommend George, Kenny and their families and friends refrain from reading.  The comments say nothing about George, but rather, everything about what a bunch of animals some people really are.  They clearly lack the ability to empathize with, or show any compassion to, people who are reported as being in distress.

Of course, their opinions aren’t important – they’re scum. It’s just there seems so many of them. Why they aren’t rounded up and put in an incinerator I’m not sure. There can’t be much doubt the world would be better off without most of ’em…


Before the comments come in – if you’re thinking of expressing an opinion that says that George doesn’t deserve compassion right now, let me say this. You know nothing about jail, or the human condition, if you think he won’t be having a very difficult time for at least these first few days.  Any decent human being (of which George is most certainly one) deserves compassion in the face of such hardship – whether they brought it on themselves or not.  What I’ve seen in the papers is retarded scum not displaying any such characteristics. For example, mocking George because of reports that he cried in his cell.

I think Erwin James, a convicted murderer who served 20 years in jail, and turned journalist on his release in 2004, said it well in the Guardian today. Here’s the quote (see full article):

Take it from me: Pentonville is one of London’s less salubrious prisons. Waking up in this grimy, ancient prison – famed as the main holding jail for the city’s drunks, drug abusers and down-and-outs – will be George Michael’s all-time low…

He will need to be strong, but early indications are that his strength has deserted him: a man who shared a cell with him at the courthouse described how he sat “crying his eyes out”. No shame in that. He won’t be the first grown man to burst into tears at the sound of cell door banging shut – nor the last. But once he has got over his initial terror, he might recognise this as an opportunity.

That’s compassion. That’s empathy. And it’s what George Michael deserves right now from every civilized man and woman.

29 thoughts on “George Michael – The Lack Of Empathy Is Sickening

  1. sorry buddy,

    lets get wide awake. compassion was every time after the 6 times before. And is not that George do not deserve any compassion from now on, but he get SOOO WRONG with that, as he felt that is no real problem with that, because the people “seemed” to feel like “there’s no problem” with him, as he thought about the truly compassion. So the most people felt it’s time to show George the concerns and gave him a more sober behavior, just to give him the same state of mind. I’ve also saw something like this on this place, which surely he reads often, only after the 7 time accident. And you finally understood what behavior it’s proper to have before his eyes.

    really it’s not something to be ashamed of, being a sort time in jail. I really think so, and i don’t know why and wherefrom most people have this type of prejudice … . It’s ridiculous.

    it really depends on George how he’ll spend this opportune well-timed event. Could be the ANSWER of his life. Or could be not. May God bless and help you there Yorgos !

    ( i really like most that videos – because of the tension between George and the rest of his world. Could be the raise and redemption of his famished thirsty spirit. Hope he truly find Jesus there. Cause HE is THERE !! )

  2. I still stand by what I said yesterday, that I don’t feel sorry for him being in prison. I do however feel sorry that he is allegedly having a very difficult time there. I hope that Erwin James is right and he’ll get over the initial shock of it all sooner rather than later.

    As for people leaving nasty comments on newspaper websites: It’s the internet. People can sit in front of their computers, say the nasties, most vile things about other people (preferably rich and famous people, even better when they are homosexual), things they’d never have the nerve to say to these people’s faces, and get away with it. While we are all about compassion: I feel kinda sorry for them too! They must not have much heart, and even less brain ( I sometimes find it a miracle that they managed to sign up for the comments-section at all…).

    I pity those people, whose biggest satisfaction in life probably is leaving nasty remarks about others in the anonymity of the internet.

  3. @ara

    Yes – this is the distinction I was trying to make. People will have different opinions on whether George should be in jail or not. However, anyone civilized, including people that think he deserves to be behind bars, should easily be able to empathize with his situation. It’s not a good thing for our society that so many people seem unable to do that.

  4. I am a fan of george and i love him. Yes he did a bad thing, but no he should not be in prison, I think he should be on a rehab programme, going to prison is not the right thing to do. He needs help with the drug problem he should have been given a 12 month suspended sentence, and put on a drug programme its a disgrace that he is in prison, he is a decent human being, not a hardend criminal, its shocking that he has been sent to prison, i watch the news and read the papers and have seen criminals who have run people over whilst under the influence of drink and drugs and they have not been sent to prison, its an absolue disgrace.

  5. Can I just say, Remarkable, this is one heck of a heartfelt post I’ve seen you write? Spot on! I’ve also read various comments, thankfully there are also plenty of support, but it’s incredible how much negativity there is as well. It’s sooo easy to kick someone when they’re down. The most important thing for George and the people close to him is to know who they can rely on and to know there are people who genuinely care. I mean, that becomes all too clear when you’re in a situation like this. Although it’s hard to tell if all these witness reports about how he’s feeling and behaving being locked up are all true, it’s not hard to imagine he’s having a hard time. I hope he gets to grips with it soon.

  6. I was reading that Pentonville is a ‘holding’ prison for prisoners who are going to be moved somewhere else, sooner rather than later for George please?

  7. @Caff, I gather from one of those articles he’ll most likely be moved to an open prison in a few days.Indeed rather sooner then later… Also he isn’t allowed any visitors for the first 48 hours and could only make a phone call…

  8. Lack of sensitivity and imagination in some people is really sad…
    Whoever says jail will do George good, must be insane or doesn’t really know much about him, apart from the rubbish read in tabloids on different occasions.

    Whether it is just a few days or the full length of the sentence, this stay in prison is gonna have a very bad effect on George’s already weak emotional state, there is no doubt about it.
    Yes, George is incredibly strong, but he has lived under enough pressure, he has gone through a lot in his life, and it has made him so much vulnerable.
    So many people seem to be seing/judging him through his money and career, and forgeting that George is a human being like you and me, he has got feelings, emotions and he suffers too.

    Prison not only will not help to sort out his drug addiction, but it will deepen in him sense of insecurity, and depression which he has been struggling with for so long.

    I do pray from all my heart that George stays strong and safe while there and that his lawyers will get him out as soon as possible.
    However I know, it has been terrible, shocking, devastating experience he doesn’t deserve, and nothing is gonna be easier or better for George when he comes out. I am scared of how he will cope then.

    There were other options, there were ways to help without causing more damage, but the judge made his decision… After this any helping will be much more difficult.

    The truth is:
    This prison sentence is the great harm done to George.
    He who knows him a bit more, he will agree with me.

  9. well said Rem, this is how I feel about the all situation now… it is not fair all this ‘crucifixion’ from media and people leaving comments.

  10. Because we live in a sick world full of selfish people unless they talk about one of their relatives , it is indeed very disgusting to hear people and some who claim to be his fans that he deserved to be punished that way . It is during situations like these that u see the true colour of some folks ….i would do anything to get George out of jail, none of us knows how hard it is be locked inside, some say , George is strong, how do we know ???? I wish it was all a nightmare ….

  11. Came across this poll on a popular German “celebrity news and gossip” website. It’s interesting, since it specifically asks if the people feel empathy/compassion for George, not for example if they feel the sentence was appropriate. Not surprisingly, 66% said “No, not at all”, 24% say “Maybe a little bit”, and only 9% say “Yes”.

    BTW, the headline says “Pete Doherty suffers with George Michael”. Apparently, Pete was driving by the court house just as George’s sentences was announced. He asked his driver to stop (Note to George: Pete Doherty has a driver…), and, according to the article, looked deeply shocked and upset when he found out that George was going to jail… (Not saying that any of this actually happened, but that’s what the article is sayin’…)

  12. ‘i really like most that videos – because of the tension between George and the rest of his world. Could be the raise and redemption of his famished thirsty spirit. Hope he truly find Jesus there. Cause HE is THERE !!’

    Please what planet are you on ? there is no frigging jesus get over yourself. And GM should not be in prison, he has done wrong, yes, we all know this but prison for petes sake he needs help coping with losing his partner then his mum what he does not need is jail or some silly git barking on about jesus

  13. So nice to read an article that shows compassion and kindness towards George. He is an amazing man with an amazing talent. Stay strong and safe George, you have a huge following who support you completely.
    “So when you remember the ones who have lied, said that they cared, but then laughed as you cried, Beautiful Darlin’ don’t think of me!”

  14. Bravo to such a brilliant article which basically has summed up my feeling towards the press this week and also so comments from members of the public!
    I dont think i have ever seen such a bashing given to a famous name who has ended up in jail before, seem to me its that little bit of homophobia which taints any article these days about George and in 2010 i find it shocking.
    The comment on certain newspaper websites have been so shocking, i do ask though, why are these people not working and finding time to comment on these stories, if you dont like George, dont comment! Simple!

    Im a fan of George, hes a brilliant writer and live performer, yeah hes went of the rails a bit but that doesnt make him a bad person cause may i ask? who hasn’t at some point? The man needs support, not a public bashing like those witnessed this week.


  15. Even so, the Universe has shown empathy, he is in a soft prison now. Not sure what that means exactly but it sounds like a better place to be.

  16. It’s up to him what happens now.

    He can spend the rest of his sentence, in bitterness, anger and jealousy of… well, I don’t know, I did pick up a *green vibe* quite strongly recently…

    OR he can just accept that he may have had something to do with the whole situation… and act accordingly.

  17. I love this post Rem. It’s very true. The lack of empathy has been really disturbing this week. GM was jailed for dangerous drug driving – it was only cannabis and a legal sedative according to the police reports. He’s not a hard core junkie.
    One thing though – @ Donna – in the week when the Pope is in the UK, to state “There is no Jesus” is really not the best statement to make! That’s as bad as the people hating GM because of his sexual orientation. We all have our different beliefs. Understanding that makes the world a better place (my opinion, my experience)🙂

  18. “in the week when the Pope is in the UK, to state “There is no Jesus” is really not the best statement to make!”

    Why would that be, the Pope is reading this blog and he might take offence?


  19. By the way, in some article I read, it was reported that his lawyer said that George had started writing music again recently… after a long time…!

    Given that George has said the exact opposite on a few occasions in recent years, not to mention the announcement in August that there would be new digital releases soon, either his lawyer based his defense on lies OR George has been lying about writing music.

    Personally, I believe there is new music though not sure if there are enough tracks for an entire album. But that’s not important, what matters to me is whether he can write brilliant stuff without drugs- recreational or prescribed.

  20. “Why would that be, the Pope is reading this blog and he might take offence?”
    @ Faylinn: As per usual, you missed the point that was being made.

  21. @Cazmac

    No, my dear, I didn’t miss the point, you just missed the joke!

    Please go back and read again what you said to Donna. I ‘m sorry but your rationale just doesn’t make sense. Pope’s visit to the UK has absolutely nothing to do with someone’s right to express their belief about Jesus in the same week.

  22. Well done, fantastic article, thank you so much! George is, as Polly Vernon put it recently “a national treasure” and SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH!!!!!! All who left sarcastic, negative, “trying to be funny” comments on this article need to get a life. This is a brilliant, supportive article and ALL comments should reflect this. we dont have time for the “haters”! Keep your head up high George where it belongs!

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