Sony Delay Faith Re-Release

Sony Music will delay the re-release of the George Michael album, Faith, in remastered form. This is to avoid any perception that there is an attempt to cash in on the media attention George has received due to yesterday’s jail sentence; and because media attention for the record at the current time might be negative.

Although it’s known that George will be released from jail in the middle of October, no decision has yet been taken on when the release will go ahead, but don’t be surprised if it’s pushed back til next year (Update: Sony has confirmed it won’t be before the end of the year). Not surprisingly, everyone wants to let the dust settle a bit on George’s current situation.  I guess the feeling is also that, if they can’t get the reissue to happen in parallel with the song, Faith, featuring on Glee (Oct 5th), there’s really no hurry to get the record out.

6 thoughts on “Sony Delay Faith Re-Release

  1. I think Sony will be trying to recall any stock of the record that’s already in Amazon warehouses. So, depending on how successful they are, then you might not be getting the CD.

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