George Michael Court Case – Outcome And Sentence

George Michael arrives at court, 14 Sept 2010

Today, at around 1.30pm, the singer George Michael arrived at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court in London with a small entourage to be sentenced for his recent drug possession and drug driving offenses. Dressed soberly in a dark suit and tie, and with hair freshly dyed, George appeared anxious as he walked the short distance from his car to the court room. Nevertheless, he turned and waved to the fans waiting outside court to support him.

Due to his prior guilty plea at the magistrates’ court, the maximum sentence George faced was twelve months in jail. However, he must have been hoping that the fact he had voluntarily entered into a drug rehabilitation program prior to charges being brought, would enable him to escape a custodial sentence.

After a short meeting with his legal team in a private room, he entered the court room at 2pm to be sentenced. The expectation was that the hearing would be short.  However, it took almost an hour before the district judge retired to consider his verdict. When he returned a short time later, the judge handed down a sentence of eight weeks in jail, and banned from driving for five years. The judge said, “I accept that you have shown remorse over the offense, and are ashamed of it.” He said, however, that he could not move from the sentencing guidelines for this offense.

George shook his head, and smiled in resignation, as the judge told the singer he would go to jail. He was immediately led away from the court by two security officers to begin his jail term.  He is likely to serve four weeks of the eight week sentence.  A short time later, George’s partner Kenny Goss, emerged from the front entrance of the court in tears.

5 thoughts on “George Michael Court Case – Outcome And Sentence

  1. It is absolutely the wrong punishment , deprive a good man of his freedom is not gonna help him , George is NOT CRIMINAL , it is outragious to treat him this way , considering that the real criminals are out and about while an innocent man is not gonna be…. for that period of time, i am really upset the way George has been treated by the law.

  2. The judge already took George’s license away for 5 years???That would have been enough punishment , for heaven sake !!!

  3. hope George will get there with some good books. Especially from his old christian orthodoxy.. Dostoyevsky, Leo Tolstoy etc. This is a quite real exercise on what is a “sentence” in itself, what is a truly “sentence”, real freedom, penance and expiation… . This could be the real good raise of him … God help you Yorgos !

  4. I’m not even sure it’s been decided yet. They will put him in a holding place tonight, and then transfer him to the prison where he will serve out his sentence tomorrow.

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