George Michael Facing Jail

Well, as I wrote previously – I thought the judge would take this attitude. Today, George Michael was told that the court takes his latest offenses very seriously, and that the judge is considering a jail sentence.  He said that, between now and 14 September, when sentence is passed, he wants to know: firstly, about George’s response to his previous conviction and community order; and secondly to receive medical opinion about the possible effects of prescription medication on George’s behavior.

I guess, when George gets over the shock of the reality of actually hearing the judge telling him that a jail sentence is possible, this is now a matter of damage limitation.  Even in the worst case scenario, though, this doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Maybe the right thing to do is just get this whole episode behind him as quickly as possible, and then focus on something positive – like making his new album a big success…

14 thoughts on “George Michael Facing Jail

  1. I agree Rem. And by new album, I really hope you don’t mean the re-release of Faith… ;O

  2. No. By new album, I mean proper NEW album! I guess it might have been announced by now if it hadn’t been for the court case – because of the possibility of jail sentence and the negative publicity etc.

    He really needs to get this latest episode behind him and move on. He’s being represented by a really top lawyer in court – hopefully he’ll be able to keep George out of jail (that’s effectively what his job is – “not guilty” wasn’t an option). George has given up driving now. It’s a shame. But that’s that. There’s going to be problems working in the US for a while because of this new conviction. That’s a shame too – but at least it’s his own fault, and no-one else’s.

    So, in the next few months, I think we can expect a new album and a new tour… assuming the judge doesn’t mess up the plans!

  3. Remarkable, you are saying about new album and tour as a sure thing. Do you know something from his team?

  4. I like your optimism;), cause someone contacted offical site and asked bout other exciting news. They said this is it. Faith. Enjoy it;)

  5. Well now that george is getting professional help to kick his drugs habit- check chances are that the judge will consider that to be enough mitigation circumstances and actually spare him any jail time, well let’s hope so because it seems like an awful shame to put someone who is trying to kick a weed and prescription drug habit he has had for years and years into an envrionment where drugs might be readily available to him..

  6. George will not go to jail. First he has harm noone second he has good advocates. And third he has enough money to pay a caution to be free…

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