Time To Get Real George…

I’m sure George is more than a little pissed off at the moment.  However, I think it’s about time he got real.  This time, he might be in pretty serious trouble.

The first thing to say is – I hope he has a good lawyer. The charges George faces this time around provide for the option of giving him a lengthy (multiple year) jail sentence if they feel he is a danger to society.  So, what’s the likelihood of that?  Well, I think the big problem for George is this: whichever way you look at it, it’s pretty damn obvious he has learned less than nothing from his recent previous conviction.  In fact, this time it appears his behavior has been even worse.  First because of the addition of illegal drugs to the mix, and second because this time he mounted the pavement and crashed into a building.  He could easily have killed someone.  Honestly, no-one goes off the road and crashes into a building unless they are completely out of control of their vehicle.

Without knowing all the facts, and assuming he’s guilty as charged, I suspect a suspended three year jail sentence might be the right answer here.  In other words, he doesn’t go to jail now, but if he ever does anything like this again (possession of illegal drugs, driving while unfit), he will go to jail for a few years.  If that doesn’t persuade him to sort himself out, then he will deserve everything that’s coming to him.

A conviction like this would likely cause consequences to his career – for example, he may not be able to work in the US again.  However, he should probably have thought of that before he stuffed illegal drugs in his pocket and went out in the car when he wasn’t capable of driving.  I can’t see that he has much wriggle room this time.  It’s going to be no good whining about it all being due to the after-effects of prescription drugs this time when he had illegal drugs on him.

One things pretty much for sure – he ain’t gonna be driving again for a long time, if ever.  The chances of him being found not guilty seem rather slim to me.

18 thoughts on “Time To Get Real George…

  1. hmmmm….i reckon he was drunk as well as drugged up…how many times has he said to the camara’s..”i don’t drink”….along with”i don’t lie,i never even dye my hair”..yeah right!…he who shouts loudest,and all that….

    The fact is GM has been on a free fall for many a year,and now its come back to bite him on his arse(even he wouldn’t get a thrill from that!)

    As for punishment,a good lawyer is a must,i recently went to court with a mate that got done for driving over the limit(only just) and he got the standard one year ban…..what was funny is while he was sorting out his fines i watched the next defendant..Polish,funnily enough!

    This guy was on his third ban,was 5 times over the legal limit,no tax or insurance and caused a crash and walked away….he got an 18 month ban and a lesser fine to my mate…lol

    So i’m in two minds,i can’t see GM doing bird,although he would probably like the fringe benefits…but you never know in this media based world…..judges have ego’s,and”ooooo i’ve just sent down George Michael” would probably give them some brownie points in his/hers little world.

    At the end of the day,GM is being a knob…..maybe he shouldn’t drive again…imagine if someone was standing(or sleeping) in that shop front?….its time to get a grip George,and pronto!

    I reckon Glee may have second thoughts now..lol

    on and ending note,for years GM was kind of like the cleverest guy in pop(music)….now he’s just a laughing stock,his mothers death really did f**k him up in my opinion…..such a real shame..:(

  2. I don’t care if he kills himself, but it’ll be a damn shame if he kills someone else. Not cool. He needs to have his license permanently revoked, if they can do such a thing.

  3. phenomenal,

    i cannot believe you actually get to something like someone wrote it here, for years before…

    don’t you think your place like as a judge is something hilarious right now? after all ..

    won’t you do some little years in prison, for complicity to his state of mind, instead of him, or in order to decrease his years of jail and let him do the rest – for “helping” to become in such a hangover state ..

  4. *also i go very often in this kind of jail for a coffee and to visit there my friends. “Got no money in my pocket but iam already here”.

  5. Like i said some place else…

    I just wanna start by saying, that im trully Georges fan, and i do really care for him, just like i care for someone in my family.

    He is guilty, and thats a fact, even if its hard for us to accept it.

    Im not judging him, there were proves that he did what he did, and in this case, for more that one occasion.

    George has been in this state for a long time. If he wants to smoke pot at home, in partys, at friends house, in a garden or whatever, thats his problem, but when you will drive under that influence, you are being irresponsable, you are putting your and others life in danger.

    Ok, he said he does not need help, that he is happy this way, but should we believe when the guy drives under the influence of drugs, and does not stop to think that you are not being reasonable?

    The guy is rich, cant he pay someone to drive you and then smoke and drink whatever you want? Have you already thought about calling a taxi? its because people will see you hi? you do that already…

    He crashed into a building, and if someone was passing in front of it? You can pay for a store to be fixed, but you cant pay for a human life.

    Yes i do think prision is a bit hard, but either he think he need or not help, he should be forced to it, to be helped i mean.

    This was not a simple case of having fun and smoking cannabis on a iate, this is much worst.

    I really hope, the judge force GM to rehab, because community service ( like he said once, he does that on his own already ) a fine, or even taking his driver licence forever will not work.

    If the judge, put him in jail for 3 months ( like its being said in the press ) i will not be that sad, because maybe, maybe then he will realize what he as been doing.

    Even tought i think the solution here, besides a fine, and taking his driver licence, should be rehab.

    So for George sake, for his family sake, and ours, the fans, i do think its time for him to stop, if he does not realize that, the judge should.

    PS: I really admire George, and thats why this piss me off, you cant get a good news from the guy, that you will take 2 bad news.

    To GM : Keep on living your live like you want, keep on not giving a damn on what others may say of you, keep on cruising, keep on smoking, keep whatever you wanna do, but please, stop, our liberty ends, when others liberty beggins.
    and of course, keep on making music

  6. Well, today is the day…
    I only hope that the court will take into account a few things:

    Firstly, that George is generally a good citizen, with lots of kind “community friendly” deeds on his “account”. He is not a criminal and he has no intention of hurting himself or anyone.

    Secondly, he is emotionally very fragile and delicate, and has been struggling with depression for many years.

    Thirdly, George’s problems with the law are the result of his depression related (I believe so) drug addiction, so this is where sorting it out should start.

    Finally, prison as a punishment wouldn’t heal an addiction. It wouldn’t sort out or help in anything at all.
    It trully would be the most cruel and harmful punishment for George.
    It would not only deepen his depression but would also destroy him emotionally.

    And this is why, I don’t think that jail sentence can be seriously considered in George’s case.
    Professional treatment, lots of support and human kindness – YES, this can help!!!

    And one more thing to everyone:

    It is easier to say that you smoke or drink because you want to or because you like it.
    It is much more difficult, for some people too difficult to admit (even to themselves), that drugs help them survive their daily struggle. Or that the vision of the day without drugs terrifies them.
    Sometimes the truth is too painful to share it with the entire world…

    Tuesday is George’s day and hopefully all the magic is working for him today…it must!!!
    He is strong enough and with the support of people who love and care about him, he will win this battle, he will make great, good things for himself. George deserves to be happy and he can be!!!

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  8. @Amazone

    fine, thq

    but i guess the host here, doesn’t

    for years i tried to speak about George’s health but everyone laughed and joke about all, when George had done a crazy thing … . And this remarkable host kept his train and laughed and laughed … , about his farcical behaviour, and emotionally encouraged all this rubbish …, of course look what he had become ..

    i guess i spoke to much here right now, and must have patience BUT with willing to change something for real …, otherwise all is a fantasmagory ..

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