To The Daily Mail and The Mirror – On George Crash

Hampstead shop, shortly after George started his renovation work using his Range Rover

Yes – George Michael has crashed his car. Into a shop. Doesn’t seem to have been much of an impact, judging by the apparently small amount of damage to a shop that looks like it needs to be knocked down due to its poor state of repair.  Frankly, it looks so fragile that I’m surprised George’s Range Rover didn’t end up right at the back of the shop.

Now, to the reporting of the story in the press. What I always say is – if you’re gonna do it, do it right, right?  The accuracy of reporting in the press on the latest George Michael driving incident leaves a little to be desired. For information, then…

To The Mirror: it’s a Ferrari California; not a Ferrari Enzo; and it cost more than the stated £150,000.

It's a Ferrari California - the clue is the lack of a roof

To the Daily Mail: if you have a photo of someone standing next to a metallic silver/gray Range Rover, why would you describe it as “blue” in the caption?  Oh, and it cost less than the stated £80,000

This isn't a photograph of a blue Range Rover

Honestly, if you’re gonna do a story about driving, you might as well get the car stuff right…

9 thoughts on “To The Daily Mail and The Mirror – On George Crash

  1. Welcome Back Rem! Missed ya round here.😛
    Those damned tabloids… always talking bolloc*s! XOX

  2. Nice to hear from you again Remarkable.

    Yes, George did it again … and yes the press did it again.😦

  3. Rem!! Nice to see you back!!🙂 Nice of George to do these things to tempt you out of hiding!😉

  4. Thank you everyone. Yes, I felt the need to be a bit supportive of George here, given I saw many so-called fans saying he needs his license taken away. It’s not for fans to stick their noses in here. The police have the CCTV footage and the blood tests. They will decide on the seriousness of the incident, and recommend whether George should, or shouldn’t, be prosecuted. Without seeing the evidence, we really have no idea what happened (although, obviously the odds are he fell asleep again).

  5. Hi Remarkable,

    So you are still on this planet…😉

    It well may be the first time that I agree with you in 100%.
    Tabloids always exaggerate and make every story worse than it really is, whenever it has got anything to do with George.
    Speaking of information, half of these “profesionals” keeps convincing us time after time, that George drives …Land Rover🙂 or Mercedes… They just want to have a big NEWS, and don’t care about correctness of the details.

    Anyway, whether it is tiredness, drugs – prescribed or not prescribed ones, or anything else, or all these together, being aware of his problem with falling asleep, George should know that driving at night is not for him.
    If he had a good night sleep instead, it would be much safer and healthier for him.
    Would be good if he understood it…

    To some of GM fans:
    When someone isn’t strong enough, understanding and support are far more helpful than punishment or criticism.

  6. to “the clue is of a back roof”. Well nobody in with “blowing” hair…

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